Another image of Nokia's purported Android phone leaked

Last month, noted Internet gadget news and photo leaker @evleaks posted an image of what he claimed was Nokia's in-development Android smartphone, codenamed Normandy. Today, he has posted up yet another image of the phone on his Twitter account.

The photo, if accurate, shows that the smartphone comes in a number of different colors, like most of the various Windows Phone devices that Nokia has released in the past two years under the Lumia brand. A recent unconfirmed report claimed Nokia is still working on Normandy with a forked version of Android, even though its Devices and Services division is preparing to become part of Microsoft in the first quarter of 2014.

Even if Nokia's Android phone project is completed, it's still incredibly unlikely to see a public release. It's possible that Nokia could launch the phone just before the deal with Microsoft closes, but such a decision would likely waste the company's resources, as the phone would almost surely be discontinued by Microsoft.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter) via Business Insider | Image via evleaks

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this is unbelievable guys. That phone is an ASHA phone. I keep reading android on every tech blog but it is an ASHA phone. That button is an ASHA button. Evleaks NEVER said it runs forked android

I have always liked Nokia phones, although I have not had a Nokia since my n82. I have been using HTC and Sony with Android since then. I would love to have a Nokia with Android, I can image it would be very nice. Unfortunately I have to agree that it is very unlikely to happen with MS in charge.

I really haven't seen or heard of any real facts that say this is an android nokia phone, its an asha design for sure, that much we know, but where the **** does this android come from?????

NEVER going to happen EVER. Even if Nokia were toying with the idea before they signed on to Windows Phone, now that they (the phone part) are owned by MS any dreams of making an Android handset will be quickly crushed by MS.

I agree it's not going to happen, but I think Nokia and Microsoft are trying to convince the media and regulatory organisations that they are still different companies. If they think that Microsoft isn't letting Nokia make its own decision, then regulatory organisation will just say that buying Nokia wouldn't make much difference and deny the acquisition.

If you know your history "Invasion of Normandy", you also know that it has quite the meaning. So is it coincidental or not that the name "Normandy" was chosen for this device? Maybe not. Imagine a great phone that's dirt cheap, comes with Android but a day after you first turned it on, it prompts you "Click here to switch to Windows Phone", the user clicks and Boom, it's now running Windows Phone.

Alternatively, Normandy could be a simple code name for the new version of Windows Phone that no longer requires the hardware buttons, essentially allowing the Windows Phone operating system to possibly run on hardware that was made for Android. Can you imagine being able to load the Windows Phone 8.x OS on a Samsung Galaxy S 4.

Raa said,
Said no-one ever.

That's the thing about the android Francois, they always like to speak for everyone else. Android is butt ugly and wouldn't fit with Nokia designs.

You make it sound like Android has a set style....
Ironic, given the fact how customisable Android is.

I'm sure Nokia would develop a really nice theme for their device(s).

Mr. Hand said,
Cheesy and ridiculously overpriced? That doesn't seem like the Nokia way.

I said iPhone competitor, not an iPhone itself...

It's looks just like the Nokia Asha 501, but bigger. I hope more details about it leaks. I'm curious on how Android apps would run in the Nokia OS.