Another Lumia 920 and 820 image has leaked

We are less than 24 hours away from Nokia's press event in New York but images of Nokia's upcoming Lumia 920 are hitting the web with rapid succession. The image you see above is the latest leak showing off what is rumored to be the Lumia 920. Seeing as Nokia has not officially announced the device yet, take the image with a bit of salt but so far, all signs point to this device being the real deal.

The Lumia 920 will bring with it Windows Phone 8 which will usher in a plethora of new features to the Windows Phone platform. The most notable update will be the new customization options for the home screen that will offer end users countless ways to customize their home screen to their needs.

In addition to the 920, the source has also posted up a picture of the 820 too. 

Not only will new live tile sizes be present but there will also be new color options to pick from. Although, at this point, the colors are still limited to Microsoft's pre-defined selections.

The Nokia/Microsoft press event is right around the corner, stay tuned as we will bring you all the action as it happens in New York.

Source: EVleaks

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That looks nothing like the previous 820 "leaks" and everything like the HTC accord. Makes me think all this stuff is BS.

Can't wait for tomorrow, finally. Though to those who think these could be fake still, remember back to the 800 reveal at Nokia world last year we again saw images of the 800 and 710 days before the event leak out. This seems just like another repeat of that, but this time it's not just the new Lumias that we're going to be waiting, also new information about WP8 should also be coming at the event.

Lamp0 said,
The design of these looks a bit too... "cutesy".

I feel it needs a more industrial hard edged design.

To go with Metro, sure? All of the edges are now razors. The perfect edge.

Calum said,
I love the red and blue, but I can't help but think the blue of the current Lumia is nicer

I would have preferred a darker blue compared to the current ones... The baby blue was just too 'baby' blue for my liking... That's just me tho

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