Another Nokia Windows Phone reference display leaks

We had previously covered the story about a Nokia reference display being leaked which suggested that Nokia has something planned when it launches its Windows Phone 8 devices later this year. Now more images have surfaced of another reference display, which indicate that either Nokia is working on different models for its debut on the Windows Phone 8 platform.

The Nokia device leak from last week is now believed to be the Nokia Phi which is apparently based on the Lumia design, but the display leaks from yesterday and today are not related to the Nokia Phi design aesthetics – meaning Nokia could be planning another series of Windows Phone 8 devices.

The cover leaked today gives off the impression that the device will have a 4-inch screen unlike the one from yesterday which was looking at a 4.3-inch screen. 

At this point we have no real information on what these devices are called, but we’ll likely find out come September 5th at Nokia’s press conference. 

Source: WPCentral

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Boring black designs are not going to differentiate WP8 or Nokia devices. Put all the current popular black large screen devices switched off in a row and they are as boring as b@t ****.

At least the Lumias had colour to help differentiate them. I am hoping that something in the design can make the Nokia WP8 devices stand out i.e. pureview camera, wierd shapes, colours (perhaps striped colours), great accessories (especially music docking stations) etc.

YES YES YES Perfect size IMO Lumia 800 was 3.7" and I think N9 was 3.9" so this looks good imo. Also I hope it has similar design to Lumia 800 with the curved glass and not the 900 which was flat and cheap and tacky!

My god, will someone _FINALLY_ make the Windows phone emulator phone?! I totally dig that monolithic, Zune 80/120 like design!

I'd really be on the fence between that or a Lumia 900-ish model (although this screen might just be for a Lumia 900 successor)

Currently I have an HTC Arrive and hate how small my screen is. For WP7 the sweet spot is wherever the HTC Trophy sits at, after that it's just preference. I would prefer a 4" screen I think that size maintains it's ease of use. Any bigger and you have to "reach".

Please be HD display. Please. I have been hoping for a 4" HD display from Nokia. Give me the Lumia 800 in HD display and remove pentile.

If you have not held the curved glass like the Lumia 800 in your hands you don't know how sleek it really is. A great touch.

jasonon said,
phones are just getting bigger and bigger

funny huh? in the 90's it was phones are getting too small, now we are back to phones are getting to big

jasonon said,
phones are just getting bigger and bigger

I remember the 80's where my pops had a car phone that was the size of 3 bricks stacked on top of each other. It was corded too, and its battery only lasted 2 hours or so.

a1ien said,
Four inches should be enough for anybody.
I feel like there's a joke in that, but I think that clearly phone size comes down to personal preference.

Having used an HTC Titan for a few weeks, I think I have decided that 4.3" is as large as I want a phone to be, and 4"-4.3" is my sweet spot.

With that said, I know that some people with smaller hands (many women) want even smaller phones, in the 3.5"-4" range.

Routerbad said,
This looks much better than the last leak, the bezel on the last one looked unneccessarily fat.
Glancing at my Lumia 900 on my desk, I cannot help but notice how much wasted black space there is on the bottom of the bezel on the pictured screen.

It's also worth noting that it has no brand affiliation stamped onto the glass, like my Lumia 900, which has the at&t logo in the top right.