Another photo of Nokia's Lumia 630 shows its multicolored offerings

So far, the image leaks that @evleaks has provided for Nokia's upcoming (and technically unconfirmed) Lumia 630 have shown that the smartphone has a green colored case. Now he has posted up yet another image of the Windows Phone 8.1 device on his Twitter feed that shows that, like most phones from Nokia, it will come in many colors.

The post shows that the Lumia 630 will have versions in orange, yellow, black and white in addition to green. Previous reports claim that the 4.5 inch device will have a resolution of 854x480 and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, along with 1GB of RAM. This new leak doesn't appear to show a camera flash in the back, which likely means this phone will be priced at the low end of the market.

Some reports claim that Nokia could launch the Lumia 630 sometime in mid-April in China and that it will have Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 OS out of the box. @evleaks posted up a note claiming Nokia might hold some kind of press event on April 19th and if that is accurate, it's possible that the 630 will be officially revealed at that time.

Source: evleaks on Twitter

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So it seems it only have software buttons (hence weird 854x480 resolution, and that buttons are way too close to the tiles)

It was quite clear Apple took some queues from Nokie when designing the 5C and in itself that is obviously only a compliment for Nokia. However to now go and say Nokia is copying the Apple design with a phone which pretty much looks like the 620 but a bit bigger and no camera button as it is no longer required (and thus cost can be saved leaving it out) is pushing it.

Ah, other than the 620 being chunkier, the 5c mirrors its colours AND it's shape.

But clearly you've convinced yourself so..not much point going further.

Edited by Walrush, Mar 7 2014, 7:08am :

FloatingFatMan said,
It's not the colours, it's the shape of the casing, which is not like the previous Lumia's.

of course it's not like the others! It's the sequel to 620, so it should like the 620, not like the 720 or the 820 or the 920 or the 1520. The crucial point is that 620 was there before iPhone 5c came into existence. So you are basically confirming that iPhone 5c blatantly copied the 620!

Yes? And? I'm just saying, it looks a lot like the iPhone 5c. Nokia have their own distinctive look that's far superior to Apple's, so I don't understand why the sudden similarities...

The basic shape of this phone looks pretty similar to the iPhone, which isn't the case with the other Lumia phones.

In terms of colours, Nokia isn't the first company to make a coloured device, and neither is Apple. If anything, the iPhone 5c traces back more to the coloured iPods (which were very popular) than Nokia doing a coloured phone.

That was my point. Nokia didn't make a coloured phone because of the coloured iPods and Apple didn't make a coloured phone because of the Lumia.

Stop looking at the damned colours and look at the shape of the casing. This Lumia looks nothing like those that came before it; it's curved and rounded like the 5c.

FloatingFatMan said,
Stop looking at the damned colours and look at the shape of the casing. This Lumia looks nothing like those that came before it; it's curved and rounded like the 5c.
The design is identical to the 620...If you look at the first leaked image that has it next to the 620, it's like a spot the difference. The 5C came second.