AOL Buys Blog Publisher Weblogs

America Online has acquired internet blogging site Weblogs for an undisclosed amount, the company revealed today. Weblogs is an internet blogging portal of more than 85 sites, and is only one of many blogging sites that have taken off over the more recent months. AOL estimates that Weblogs receives 30 million hits monthly and 25 million more page views through its RSS feeds.

AOL already operates its own blogging features, such as AOL Reds, a blogging service for teens launched earlier this year, and AOL Journals. It appears that these current blogging features will be unchanged and Weblogs will continue to operate independently. Links to Weblogs will however be integrated into services throughout the AOL network and on outside properties such as Netscape and Moviefone.

News source: MediaWeek

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I don't see how people can assume just because AOL made mistakes in the past, it will happen again. It seems more like blind fanboyism in an attempt to be on some bandwagon that anything else. AOL is working to expand itself into providing the complete online experience and this is a natural step in that process.

I'm not sure how you can say AOL has died since they are actually making big progress in remaking their image and evolving into a company that offers services and makes money off the booming net advertising market. It seems as though you people are confusing AOL with AOL Dialup services.

Have you looked at the software currenly in beta? There are a lot of decent apps coming out and they will be doing things with IM's that other competitors have never done before.