AOL Codename Cayman Web Mail Beta 1

AOL has released the first beta version of its new web mail client. A free AOL account (AOL or AIM Screen Name) is needed to participate in the beta program. Windows 98 and Opera are currently not supported. Mac OS X only works with Firefox: Safari also incompatible. Once signed up, in order to switch back to AOL or AIM mail, a user can still sign in at

What can you expect to find with this Web Mail beta?

  • A new look and feel that provides you with more room to read and view messages.
  • One-click to your new messages: The Today page has transformed into the Today "curtain," which you can quickly show or hide. You can choose to view the latest headlines or go immediately to a new message.
  • In-line read and compose: No more popping out each and every message in a new window - unless you want to, of course! You can individually pop-out a message or change your preference in Settings to pop-out messages every time.
  • Scrolling list view: No more paging through all of your messages! With Cayman, all of your messages will appear in one scrolling list.
  • New and improved panels: We have included a People Panel with hover controls and short-cuts to email, IM, or edit the contact; a To Do's Panel; and a panel with feeds. Look for more panels in the near future!
  • Add/Edit folders more quickly: You can now add a new folder from within the folder list view and edit/delete folders more easily.
  • Improved contacts: With Cayman, we have included buddy icons and AIM-like hover controls when you roll-over a contact name. You can initiate an IM or email in just one click!
This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system
Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks MchWalte)
News source: AOL Beta Central

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AOL Webmail Beta gives you that option. Check the Settings area. There is an option to enable messages to open in their own window. I liked it that way too, so that's the first thing I checked.

I haven't tried this yet, I probably will tomorrow.. but I love the direction AOL has been taking as of late. They're really giving people what they want instead of what they assume that we want. Well done.

Wow is it slow...must be a lot of people checking it out or something...took over 10 min. But once loaded, I think its cool. They did a good job with it.

drygnfyre, yeah it's time they moved there mail program to AJAX. I wouldn't say it's copying Live Hotmail or Yahoo (or even Gmail), it is something that has to be done. They are behind, but coming full speed. :)

Can't wait for skins.

mrp04 do us all a favor and just don't post in AOL threads. If you don't like something don't post in it. I don't understand why people insist in posting in threads they hate, I wouldn't go in a thread of a product/program I didn't like and hajack with hate posts. Grow UP people!

It's sad that there will still be hate posts under me.

I assume this is to compete with Windows Live Mail. Overall, it's not bad, but is a bit slow. But, hey, it's only a beta. There's plenty of time to improve it.

mrp04 said,
yeah woo AOL!!! ... not

Yeah, seriously. Troll somewhere else. AOL's awesome. They send me coasters and frisbees every month.