Aol Mail gets major revamp; will it be enough?

Remember when Aol was a major force on the Internet? Those days are long gone, but the company is still around and has shifted mostly to a content company. Today, Aol launched a major revamp of its once popular Aol mail online service, which has fallen well behind other services such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail over the years.

Aol's press release states that the new Aol Mail "provides users with a streamlined interface focused on freeing up inbox real estate, reducing overall clutter, and improving users' ability to send mail, SMS, and instant messages." In addition, Aol says that it has also freed up a number of email addresses. This was done so that new Aol Mail users "may no longer have to use an address that includes a random string of numbers at the end of their names."

Aol Mail now has 24 million users, according to the company. That number sounds like a lot but it pales in comparison to what has been reported for Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. A few weeks ago, Google said that Gmail now has 425 million users but Comscore claims that Hotmail is still first with traffic with 325 million unique visitors. Yahoo's email service comes in second with 298 million users, and, at least according to Comscore, Gmail is still in third place with 289 million users.

Source: Aol press release | Image via Aol

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I still have 2 old accounts with AOL also from back in the 90's.. Mostly used for junk stuff, but it works. In fact, it's about the only part of AOL that ever has!! have NEVER used any AOL software crap though.

To be honest, their web e-mail isn't to bad. I'd definitely use this over that not so hot Hotmail anyday! How can Hotmail be #1? I don't believe that one for a second! Hotmail and Gmail are 2 of the absolute worst!!

A.... O.... L.....?

Jokes aside, I still have my AOL mail account that I started in 1993. Rarely check it, and when I do it's "Select All > Delete". But it's still an active account.

You can bash aol email all you want but I use it an it has been down less for me then gmail. I have been using it since i had a paid aol dial up account in the mid 90's.

Aol mail offered and still does imap access when google did not. I still use it as my main email and have had no problems. It works great on my email.

Shadrack said,
"You've got mail!"

They should start mailing me discs again. I miss those.

Not kidding, back in the day I was a collector of them and I adored them!


AOL will be around until the 'baby boomer' generation dies off. Remember that article about how half of AOL users were paying for something they didn't need to get online?

I've been using AOL email for years - mainly because it was one of the first free IMAP services - and I really like it. The webmail is actually pretty decent - I much prefer it to Gmail - but you can just use a client.

People can bash it all they want but it's a free, it's well laid out, it's got a wide variety of themes and they keep improving it.

Am I the only one who thinks this looks...strange? It's like a combination between how Skype looks and an email client...

thatguyandrew1992 said,
What happened to Phoniex?
That was my first thought. Perhaps they will merge both in the future.

My invite for Phoenix didn't work when it launched as invite-only and after a few tries, I desisted and moved on

ajua said,
That was my first thought. Perhaps they will merge both in the future.

My invite for Phoenix didn't work when it launched as invite-only and after a few tries, I desisted and moved on

Mine worked, now it doesnt let me in

Keeps coming up with "Hold on while we get your account ready" followed by "Something zigged when it should of zagged". Bah!

Edit: Now it does. Hmmmmm

swanlee said,
Do they still have dial up connections?

If you mean AOL yes they still offer dial up service. If you mean the remaining AOL users, probably.

Timan said,
Great, can't wait for the phone call I'll get from my uncle on how to use his email again.

Another reason to set up a client application.