AOL to offer free security tool to all Internet users

The software, named "Total Care," is expected to be available to software testers in the coming weeks, a source familiar with AOL's plans said. The product will include security and PC care features, matching Microsoft's recently launched Windows Live OneCare product and upcoming products from Symantec and McAfee, this person said. The company has partnered with an unnamed third-party security providers for the bundle, the source said. Currently, AOL has deals with McAfee and CA for the AOL Safety and Security Center, which offers a firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware and phishing protection to AOL subscribers at no cost.

Total Care marks one of AOL's first steps in the security space, outside of tools it offers exclusively to the millions of subscribers to its Internet service. The Dulles, Va.-based company is also quietly running a test of a security tool--the Active Security Monitor--that screens the security status of a computer and offers guidance on improving protection. In the wake of the Microsoft's recently announced OneCare announcement, all major security companies have since said they would release similar products. McAfee will provide technology for at least part of AOL's Total Care.

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That's about as ignorant a comment as I've ever seen in regards to AOL.

I must not be very adept with PCs then.

I find the negative responses in this story typical of people who just can't accept AOL as anything more than a bad dialup provider anymore.

AOL has been past that for years. The software they make now is terrific, though obviously some of it still has issues, but then again so do most beta releases from other companies. AOL Explorer for example is, in my opinion at least, the single best IE front end there is. AOL's In2TV service is quite revolutionary, and considering it's free...I don't understand why you people complain all the time anything AOL is mentioned.

Is it just "the in" thing to do these days? AOL offers completely free inbound calls through AIM, people complain. They offer AOL Explorer, a terrific take on IE, people complain. AOL offers XM Radio even to non-AOL users through Winamp etc, people complain. Someone explain why I don't see the horrible disgusting AOLness here?