AOL to open up shop in Second Life

Second Life, the popular three-dimensional virtual world, seems to be becoming an attractive option for many owners wanting to advertise their companies. AOL's Second Life section, dubbed AOL Pointe, will be available for beta testing within Second Life in the next week (you can sign up now at AOL's beta site). AOL Pointe will feature different sections, such as an amphitheater and an extreme sports park, in which the company plans to highlight AOL content and services like AOL Music, Moviefone, TMZ, and AOL will use Pointe to also try out new features and research how they are received by users.

Link: AOL's Beta Site
News source: InfoWorld

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So if video game companies are selling ad space in the game, they are making more profit, and the price should drop for the consumer right? For some reason I dont see this happening. As in-game advertising gets more and more popular, I see record profits for some game studios.

This second life thing was on some BBC program the other week, apparently its really popular.. I’ve never heard of it until recently though.

Either way I wouldn’t waste money in some virtual world... things are expensive enough in this one! Infect I would never conceder even playing this. :P

It's strange, I visit a number of news sites and each time there is those news, it seems it's popular to "others". I get the impression the recent news coverage just makes it seem it's popular but that this is just a bubble waiting to burst. It still growing while it's "hip" especially to journalists. Is there any subscriber statistics to compare with e.g. WoW or Lineage 2? While it's somewhat "futuristic" in what it tries to achieve by connecting real life and a MMO game/application through money, I would never spend money on virtual goods. Besides, there's the graphics of the world that looks like something out of the mid-90's and hardly inspiring or looking anything near a "Second life".