Apple + Apple = Beatles on your iPod

It looks like the fight is finally over, Apple Computers and Apple Corps are finally to stop suing each other, and talk about bringing the Beatles to iTunes. According to Stuff magazine the two companies are in talks about bringing the whole of the Beatles' back catalogue to iTunes.

This would be a massive turnaround for the two giants as they have been notoriously hostile to each other for the past 20 years, and even exchanged blows last year over Apple Computers entry into the music business. Who knows what could happen if the two get it together, can anyone see the Beatle iPod? I definitely can.


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hummm a beatles ipod will most definetly be worth buying. nice to see they stopped acting like children and everything is being resolved.

What do you mean by

they stopped acting like children

HalfEatenApple is very rude. Like a homeless person you let to stay overnight in winter, and he raped your daughter.

^-- QTF

If people want beatles on their ipod, I'm aure they've found a source to do so (CD / other download site)

I really don't see "beatles on itunes" as a news worthy headline.

(1st post yay)

Finally - but what they don't realise now is that the majority of people don't give a s**t anymore.

Took them long enough!