Apple admits laptop battery issue

Apple has said that "some batteries" in its range of MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops have "performance issues".

The company has issued a software update to fix the issue and has offered to replace defective batteries.

"The factors causing the performance issues do not present a safety risk. You may continue to use your current battery," the company said.

Reports of problems, including swollen batteries, have been circulating since the laptops were launched in 2006.

In its support notes to users, Apple says battery packs which are "visibly deformed" are among the symptoms of battery problems.

The company advises users to install the update on all "MacBook and MacBook Pro computers and extra batteries that were purchased between February 2006 and April 2007".

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have anyone noticed that every single thing the Apple Guru Shaman bashed against every other company is now coming back to haunt his own?

"Dell has exploding batteries!"
So do you...

"vista is delayed!"
So are you...

"Security is flawed!"
Now you are too

And my fav

"Intel Chipsets are the worse"
Oh..and you are using intel? heh. yeah. the worse. indeed.

They did laugh at Dell about the batterie issue? When? Did Dell have the same battery provider or another one?
Okay about the delay, that really sucks and I admit it. It's still not delayed as much as Vista though.
I feel much more secure on my OS X than in any Windows version ever. There's only one or two real flaws discovered.
Intel Chipsets weren't that good back then... G3 and G4 were better. I remember when I laughed at a 800 mHz Mac because I had a 1.2 GHz... yet the Mac had a better processor.

Wow, there's no good company at making batteries I guess. Everybody's having problems with batteries... I wonder who did them this time if it's not Sony...?

Downloaded, installed, my battery checks out it just fine.

Rev. A 1.83 Core Duo MacBook


I find it odd that I'm using a launch date MacBook (Literally) and yet have never ever experienced the problems that people claim are widespread and attached to the original systems of the line. I download every single Apple issued update as they come in and you wanna know something funny? Every single time I look at a MacBook that's having issues I pop open the Software Updates and there's 200+ MB of downloads waiting.

Moral of the story, keep your system up to date, treat it like a piece of electronical equipment, and you'll be fine. This is true for every single Mac, PC, and iPod ever created.

Same here. Bought my MBP in Jan/07, NEVER had a single problem. Actually, I dropped it once and dented the case, but that's about it. She's still working fine. Not even getting unusually hot, even under Windows Vista, which is good.

<sarcasm> duh


Macs are better
Macs are superior
Mac owners are smarter
Mac OS is perfect
Mac hardware is the holy grail of technology
Steve Jobs is a hero
God himself uses a Mac
PC's cannot make graphical tasks
PC's crash after 5 seconds
PC's auto erases every time because of virus
Vista is a copy of OS X

Edit to add <sarcasm> for the retarded
Edit 2 to type Mac instead of Macs

But, I would like to see the smart guys bellow type the same in Portuguese

And there's Apple's one problem.

And even when they admit there's a problem then understate it. I dunno about you but swollen batteries sounds pretty serious, there's obviously pressure there and I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that one of them somewhere has a weakened wall and will burst.

Remember the last recall was an issue with almost all the batteries produced by Sony. Apple don't make their own batteries so it isn't actually their fault, though clearly they have to solve it.

Foub said,
Apple admitting to something wrong is news in and of itself.....

Admitting something is the first step and it's taken Apple this long for it, I cant imagine what millenia we'll be in by the time they finish all 12 steps.