Apple and Samsung are biggest chip buyers

Dale Ford, head of IHS iSuppli's electronics and semiconductor research business, revealed Tuesday that Apple is the biggest buyer of microprocessors, almost 50% ahead of Samsung, it's closest rival. Ford announced this information at the analyst firm's Technology, Media and Telecommunications Summit, reports CNET.

Apple is projected to spend $27 billion on semiconductors this year, and $29 billion by 2013. This is in stark contrast to 2009, when Apple spent $9 billion. The huge growth can be largely attributed to the popularity of its iPhone and iPad products.

Samsung, which spent about $10 billion in 2009, should reach $18 billion in spending in 2013. Samsung is the second-largest purchaser of semiconductors, with a big lead on its other rivals though it trails Apple by a huge amount. Samsung is also the second-largest producer of semiconductors, behind Intel.

The overall semiconductor market saw sales totaling $311 billion in 2011, and the number is expected to cross $400 billion eventually.

The semiconductor industry faced some trials last year with the earthquake in Japan and flooding in Thailand. However, the situation was not nearly as bad as it could have been, because the disasters occurred during seasonal lulls when extra inventory was still moving. "If either of those disasters had taken place in August, we would have experienced much greater pain," Ford said.

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Auzeras said,
Apple makes much more than samsung though, and ships a lot more too. I'm not surprised.

Errr.... I think you may want to reconsider that statement, Apple make phones, computers, mp3 players and a few peripherals - Samsung on the other hand make a hell of a lot more, and as already stated in the article are the second largest chip maker behind Intel.

Auzeras said,
Apple makes much more than samsung though, and ships a lot more too. I'm not surprised.
And you would be wrong. You think Phones and Tablets are the only products that uses chips? You are aware Samsung makes other electronic devices. And unlike Apple, Samsung actually makes chips themselves. Apple designs chips. However they are based on ARM so the foundation is already done. All Apple basically does is take that foundation and make some changes.

And Apple certainly doesn't sell more phones vs Samsung. You have been keeping up with the news...right?