Apple being sued based on Greenpeace report

The Center for Environmental Health on Monday said that it is suing Apple based on the report by environmental group Greenpeace. The report, released earlier Monday, found hazardous materials Apple's iPhone. The Greenpeace tests revealed chemicals that included "phthalates" in the vinyl plastic earphone wiring at levels that are prohibited in young children's toys in San Francisco and the European Union (EU).

Under California's Proposition 65 law, products that can expose consumers to phthaltes or other chemicals that are reproductive toxins or carcinogens must carry a warning label, according to the Center for Environmental Health. "There is no reason to have these potentially hazardous chemicals in iPhones" said Michael Green, Executive Director of Center for Environmental Health. "We expect Apple to reformulate their products to make them safer from cradle to grave, so they don't pose a threat to consumers, workers or the environment."

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News source: InfoWorld

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