Apple cranks up the heat in legal battle with Nokia

The war between Apple and Nokia continues to intensify as Apple filed a new complaint with the ITC on Friday, according to a report from Reuters.

It all started last October when Nokia charged Apple with using its patented technology without paying royalties.

"Nokia will study the complaint when it is received and continue to defend itself vigorously," said a company spokesman.

"However, this does not alter the fact that Apple has failed to agree appropriate terms for using Nokia technology and has been seeking a free ride on Nokia's innovation since it shipped the first iPhone in 2007," he said.

Response to Apple’s iPhone has been sensational since it was first launched in 2007, and has even been dubbed by some as the "Jesus Phone," with its multi-touch screen and easy to use interface. With over 100,000 applications available for download, it’s not hard to see why the iPhone is so popular with consumers.

Nokia has stumbled quite a bit in the constantly changing smart-phone sector as Apple has gained ground against them in the September quarter, generating the highest total operating profit. Nokia still holds a higher percentage of the market in actual smart-phone sales.

The legal dispute, which could potentially involve hundreds of millions of dollars in annual royalties, court fees and other penalties, will likely take years to solve.

"This dispute is still in its infancy. I don't think Nokia is finished with evaluating the infringements by Apple, it might be just the surface," said Steven Nathasingh, chief executive of U.S. research firm Vaxa Inc.

No longer are cellular phones limited to simple voice and data services. With more powerful mobile phones entering the market every day, cellular phones have essentially become handheld computers that allow you to watch videos, talk on the phone, send e-mails, surf the internet, map co-ordinates via GPS, and so much more.

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This is not the first time Apple's been sued. If you recall they lost a suit in a California case many years ago. What did they steal? Their own name. A judge ruled that they had breached the trademark of the Beatles record company - Apple. Apple have been paying the Beatles royalties on their own name all this time.

Interestingly part of the settlement at that time was that Apple Computer must refrain from entering the music business in any way. iTunes anyone?

I don't agree with the whole patent system in the US, but Apple knowingly used patented technology without making payment, nothing more to it.

TSO said,
I don't agree with the whole patent system in the US, but Apple knowingly used patented technology without making payment, nothing more to it.

The most significant details in this case here are that:

1) Nokia isn't just another patent-and-run corp--they have implemented and marketed and licensed their technology for years.
2) That Apple is making counter-suits for patent infringement as well. This fact destroys any Apple supporter's ability to criticize Nokia for being a patent baby. They give up the chance to side with the anti-patent crowd on the internet that seems to always pop up in comment threads for articles like this.
3) That Nokia, once again, did not "wait three years" before suing a successful competitor. How this keeps being said baffles me and honestly just makes Apple apologists look even more ignorant about technology, business, and the legal system.