Apple discontinues 20" Cinema Display

It appears that Apple has discontinued its 20 inch Cinema Display and according to Mac Rumors the product has been given the EOL (end of life) tag. It is easy to assume that Apple is getting ready to replace the older monitor with a new LED based display to keep it inline with their other products.

Apple's business model is to phase out one product before the introduction of an upgraded model. While similar to other business strategies Apple sticks to this model for all of its products and does not waiver in the slightest bit.

As previously reported on Neowin, it is expected that the Mac mini will receive an update in the near future so it is not to hard to believe that the monitor will receive an update around the same time. It is also possible that Apple could remove the 20 inch model completely from its offerings too.

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Ummmm other display manufacturers are ending product lines and adding new ones constantly, why are they not getting Front Page attention?

Great, now they will release a POS with a glossy screen, mini-DisplayPort which can't be hooked up to any computer other than a new Apple laptop and MagSafe which can only be hooked up to an Apple laptop. What a joke..........

Well I just got a 20" one :D

Don't like the new LED based ones as they are too glossy, and I like the look of the last gen ones better.

Wait, you bought an Apple product and didn't get the indoctrination video or memo that states "Our stuff holds its value forever since someone out there will be insane enough to actually buy it 2nd handed off you for far more than it's actually worth compared to competitor's products with the same exact specs, but not our style..." ???!?!?!


Apple better not make the new Cinema Display glossy. I hate glossy. Besides, I can get a Dell monitor that's just as good for much less.

Same here, glossy make look nice in the ads but in real life no thanks. Unfortunately the 24" is glossy so this probably would be too. Why they don't offer a matt option I don't know.

Apple is clearly trying to distance itself from the professionals, and is aiming at the moronic users that go "Ooooooh, shiny! Me like. Me buy!"

And now my 20" Apple monitor is now worth nothing. Oh well, At least I can take just think about the fact that I've had a good run with it ;)


It is still the same good old monitor and will still display very good quality picture. You don't have to throw it away just because it is now discontinued (or else PM me and I will take it off you quite happily)

What I can't imagine is sitting in front of 24" Apple Cinema Mirror HD. Good luck apple, but I am keeping my non-glossy MBP for many years to come.

I am glad I got an older Dell 2007Wfp very cheap on ebay which is essentially same as apple 20".

Heh, not going to Junk it man, I've had it for over 5yrs now and its been a peice of work ever since. Got it when it first came out. Still loving it. But sometimes I do wish I could get a nice 24 or 30" screen :)