Apple Estimates 250,000 Unlocked iPhones

During its quarterly earnings conference call Monday, Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook estimated that 250,000 iPhones were sold to people with the intention of unlocking them, adding that most of those sales happened after the $200 price drop.

While it's not entirely clear how Cook calculated such a number, it likely relates to the discrepancy between sold phones and those that were actually activated on AT&T's network. 1.4 million iPhones have been sold in total, meaning that a whopping 17% were intended to be unlocked by customers. Hackers have managed to bypass the device's restrictions, but Apple warns that future updates could make an unlocked iPhone inoperable, just as firmware version 1.1.1 did temporarily.

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ATT is the biggest and best cell service provider in the US anyway... Why would you want to unlock your phone?

this thing sounds like the PSP, i.e hackers crack it, few days later new firmware, , few days later hackers crack it, few days later new firmware, seems they didn't fix the security that well, still crackable, new firmware released, couple of dys later, cracked again. you get the picture, it's a never ending story of crackers vs corporations.

if apple was to learn anythign from this it would be customers want CHOICE

Plus that is just the number of people that have the intention of unlocking the phone at the time of purchase the others figure it out a bit later down the road when they start feeling trapped and screwed. Then they go on to the internet and do a little research and realize there is a better way and try and think of way to get out of there contracts cleanly. $$$.

Apple, the people are speaking !

I'm not extremely happy with locking to single provider.
1) However I understand that such conditions are good for Apple and ATnT could offer Apple a lot of know-how about phone market, maybe collaborated on visual voice mail and offered any additional support. Money are also good motivation.
2) iPhone is not just pretty box, but it's also the SW and services. Apple certainly doesn't want to offer just partial solution and offers all-in-one as usual. For example every Mac comes with iLife and even MacOS X has a lot of bundled SW (unlike Windows being almost unusable after install)
3) Everything including supported technologies restrict user in some way. Single provider is similar restriction. And there is just single question "Is iPhone worth the money for me?"

I wouldent buy anything that doesent give me a choice of where and with who I can use it.

The techology on the IPhone is nothing new sure it may have swishy slidey menus but the core functionality has been done to death now and dipite apples hype is not new.

Apple sucks, its the new microsoft: AGAIN. they are ****ed because the lazy douchebag security engineers working on the lamePhone security slack off and have been out-thinken by 14-year old teenagers... Just like the psp, the security will be broken... And like Cubase SX3, it took something like 1600 hours to crack that, but it was cracked

Thou I'm not an Apple fan I did not like the idea of users having to buying the phone from a specific provider, I'd rather give customers the options on multiple networks in each country if not necessarily offline.