Apple gets dirty - but admits problem

Finally Apple have admitted that a batch of iPOD nanos are having problems with the screens cracking, offering replacements to any effected customer, see below.

But at the same time denying any problem relating to the iPOP nano being easily scratched. Deleting posts on the Apple forums, or locking existing posts, Apple have taken a new stance to the media coverage of the emerging issue. To silence any customer who has a complaint with the design/built of their newest iPOD.

Think different, but dont express yourself?

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look, i have used a nano, i have seen many of them in use by my friends and at the local apple store. the things are made of the same material as anyothers besides the mini and the things scratch just as easily as any others. this is just **** being thrown at them cause the product is so successful, probably by fan boys and supporters of opposing products. no story here.

I dont see a problem with apple clearing up their forums.

Lots of companies do it. if you have a genuine concern contact apple directly :p

its no good standing outside and apple shop with a big sign saying "help me"