Apple goes after another company over App Store name

Apple clearly doesn't like anyone using the term "App Store". The company is already in one legal fight over the term with and today it was revealed that Apple is going after another company, GetJar, over the use of the term. Mashable has posted up word that GetJar received a "cease and desist" letter from Apple that asked the company to "immediately cease all use of Apple’s APP STORE mark on the website" is a web site that's been in operation since at least 2005 and has offered apps for download for a number of mobile operating systems such as Android, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian and more. While the term "app store" doesn't appear on's main page, the "About" page on the site does called itself "the world’s largest free app store." The article quotes the CEO of GetJar, Ilja Laurs, as saying, "We were surprised to get this cease and desist letter from Apple .." Laurs added that GetJar plans "to continue to use the phrase ‘app store’ to describe what we do. This move by Apple is yet more proof that the company tends to act as if it is above the law, and even as one of the smaller players in the space, we won’t be bullied by Apple.”

Apple has a trademark on the term "App Store" and in March it filed a lawsuit against for its use of the name "appstore" for its Android-based app download site. Earlier this week a judge dismissed a motion by Apple to place an injunction on's use of the term "appstore".

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If I was to receive a letter from Apple, I would be like..."take this letter and shove it up your @$$".
And even f they take me to court...I wouldnt even get a lawyer. I can defend my own company. App Store is just as generic as department store and grocery store. I am not changing it, and even if the judge rules in your favor I wont change it and I wont be paing you one red cent. EVER!!!

If needed, I will drive to Cupertino, and wait for Jobs to come outside and take his letter and personally shove it up his @$$ and tell him to sue me for that too.

I am at a point I simply hate Apple. I wished Microsoft had NEVER decided to continue to develop for Apple. That way all the other devs who were jumping ship would all be gone and so would Apple.

I don't wish death on Jobs, but I still cna't wait until he dies. And that smuck that is likely to follwo him...Scott? or whatever his name is, is likely to be worse than Jobs.

The Devil wears Apple.

The thing is Apple is so insanely great in terms of technological innovation that they were miles ahead of the competition. They own the mobile space and are really making huge gains in PCs. $60 billion in cash. Why engage in this petty nonsense?

Now Apple are going after small fries. Not classy Jobs. Not at all. People were rooting for you when you go up against fellow behemoths like Samsung, Amazon. Not this.

Mistake in the article. Apple doesn't have trademark on "App Store" yet. They applied for the trademark and it is yet to be approved. Many companies including Microsoft are against the trademark claiming that it is a generic term.

Yawn. In OS X anything with a .app extension is labelled an Application, not an Apple or anything else they claim it means. The Mac App Store wouldn't make sense if it was called the Mac Apple Store either, seeing as 1) it's for applications (ie. it isn't a regular Apple Store hosted on a Mac) and 2) almost all the apps on it aren't made by Apple at all.

I guess Apple has a huge legal department and most of it is bored atm.

so they lose their suit to Amazon for the same thing, then turn around and go after someone else. unbelievable...

thornz0 said,
so they lose their suit to Amazon for the same thing, then turn around and go after someone else. unbelievable...

They haven't lost yet, a judge refused to force Amazon to stop using the name in the meantime but the lawsuit is still going on. I think they'll lose though, it's such a ridiculous lawsuit.

if the izombie, isheep and itards stop buying those boring iphones... I don't think they'll spend the money suing.

cleverclogs said,
Apple really are quite crazy. And big-headed.
Not really, they are just protecting their trademark like any other company would. The real concern here is what idiot allowed Apple to trademark such a common term in the first place? that there lies the problem.

This IS a company who also tried to sue a chain of grocery stores in Australia (if I recall correctly) because of an apple in their logo or name or both... I can't remember which.

Stup0t said,
FFS call it iStore and be done with it.

You really think Apple's marketing dept would use a name that sounds similar to Eyesore

Roadrunna said,

You really think Apple's marketing dept would use a name that sounds similar to Eyesore

Well, they've already used a name the sounds similar to a sanitary towel with the iPad.

Roadrunna said,

You really think Apple's marketing dept would use a name that sounds similar to Eyesore

I agree...something that sounds similar to "Fap More" is fact i think Apple Execs fap a little too much

In this economy, profits are down, so they make money by suing eachother, hearing about all the lawsuits going on is getting kinda tiresome already.....

You've gotta to be joking - both words "app" and "store" have been around long before apple decided to call its programs "apps"

What fools allowed them to trademark common terms like this?

Much like the "TV Guide" nonsense that was allowed the other day!

Not surprising, considering they also go after anyone who has an apple (as in, the fruit) in their logo. It's a wonder they haven't gone after the State of Washington yet, as I'm sure they'd argue that the act of growing apples infringes on their trademarks.