Apple has released beta 4 of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10

Apple is pushing forward its development of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10, and each platform has received a new beta release today. This is the fourth release for both platforms and each has received stability enhancements.

OS X 10.10 has a few other updates that include a new UI for the calculator app, while dark mode has been tweaked to be more consistent across the UI. iOS 8 has a new Tips app that has tutorials to help you uncover new features in the update and orient new users to iOS. Both updates are supposed to fix various bugs and stabilize the platform too.

In addition to iOS and OS X 10.10, there is an update to iTunes 12 that has a flatter UI that matches that of OS X 10.10.

Apple will be launching both platforms later this year and both bring many new features to the mobile and desktop operating systems. You can take a look at OS X Yosemite here and iOS 8, here, to gain a better understanding of each operating system and what's on offer.

As always, pre-release software from Apple (or any other vendor) is intended for testing purposes only and should not be installed on production machines. If you do decided to test out the new builds, let us know if you find anything new in the comments below.

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You're right... fall STARTS in September apparently.. classic case of just posting what you read without actually reading / sanity checking it :)

Maybe, maybe not. Hard to say. It really depends on how stable these releases are and when Apple intends to feature lock Yosemite.

The_Observer said,
I say nope, there is still alot of time till this is released. What is it September??

They just said 'Fall' - so yeah.. September 22nd is the end of fall..

Chicane-UK said,

They just said 'Fall' - so yeah.. September 22nd is the end of fall..

I thought 'Fall' meant Autumn? Autumn ends in November

Quillz said,
OS X DP4 is pretty stable. Dark Mode works pretty well, too.

Can't wait to try it. As my Mac is my only computer don't think I'll risk running the DP but really looking forward to the actual release!

Dark Mode works terribly! All it does is effectively invert the Menubar and Dock background. I was expecting it to change the native window colour dark, but Apple have now changed the option's label to only apply to the Dock and Menubar, so it doesn't look like they'll expand it beyond that.

I don't think Dark Mode was ever intended to change the window chrome, just the Dock and menu bar. Even the initial WWDC preview showed this.

Quillz said,
Even the initial WWDC preview showed this.

But they prefaced that by saying it wasn't complete. That left the door open to thinking there was more to come.

Well, at this point, it seems Dark Mode is limited to the menu bar and Dock. Maybe more was considered but canceled for various reasons.