Apple hires Tag Heuer VP of sales for upcoming wearable

Over the past year, Apple has been slowly recruiting people from different industries in order to revitalize and possibly bring insight into its existing and upcoming products.

According to CNBC, Apple has hired Patrick Pruniaux, vice president of sales for luxury watch brand Tag Heuer. This was confirmed by LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), which is a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate that owns Tag Heuer.‚Äč

Although it's unclear what Apple’s intentions are with Pruniaux, if he is indeed working on the upcoming smart watch, it will be interesting to see how he leverages his years of experience in the luxury watch industry. While important figures in the watch community are divided on how Apple’s smart watch might impact the industry, it is clear that this could be a product that will change how we perceive time pieces going forth.

Apple’s smart watch is rumored to have a focus on health and will most likely integrate with Apple’s recently announced Health Kit for iOS 8. Apple also has an overwhelming amount of partners lined up for its upcoming health and exercise hub. 

Although a release date has not been announced, many are speculating that Apple's wearable will make its debut along side the rumored iPhone 6, next generation iPad Air, and many other devices at Apple’s Fall event. 

Source: CNBCImage via Watch Russia

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hahahaha... that was excactly my 1st thought too! Apple & Tag Heuer, the epitome of expensiveness!!! Apple, the best company 'innovating'... on new ways how to take your money!

Whatever happens it seems like they are going 'all out' to get it right, i have a feeling this will be the one that defines the smart watch... whether it catches on or not remains to be seen.

I think some of you are being a bit ambitious with the untethered model, it will of course require a phone to hook into your life i just can't see how a watch would be able to hold the functionality of a phone on it's own.

Well, knowing Apple, if an athlete has their hands on one, it's in a heavily guarded basement a half of a mile under Apple's HQ. :p

If I'm not mistaken, there have been severalish fashion/wearable related hires this year. If Apple is just now assembling its team for this iWatch thing, there's no way they'll have something out this year that wouldn't seem rushed, right? They also usually give a three months lead time on new products so that developers have time to work with it. But who knows. Maybe they're near the end of the prototype stage, and they just need a few people to help decided on its final casing.

I don't see this as anything to do with the design or implementation.

This is all about how one successfully markets a device of minimal functional value with a high price point whose prerequisite is possession of another device (e.g. iPhone 5 or above) at an even higher price point.

Hiring fashion executives and buying fashion companies (and let's be clear: Beats Electronics is a fashion company, not an electronics company) says everything you need to know about Apple.

Curious to see what Apple brings to the mix.

I am predicting it will be very similar to the iPad Nano just a wrist friendly build.

Regardless of what Apple does introduce, it will be very crude and not very refined. Just like Android Wear. Just like all smart watches and all wearables for that matter. Do not get me wrong, I am sure aesthetically it will be very pleasing, but actually using it will be just like existing models. You will need to be tethered to another device.

However it is still exciting as we are in the very, very early beginning stages of a new age of computing. Should be interesting.

I can't see a guy moving from Tag Heuer to sell and market something crude and unrefined like a wrist friendly build the iPod Nano.