Apple iTunes Offers 'Complete My Album'

Apple Incorporated first popularized selling songs online for 99 cents apiece and now hopes to buoy interest in albums. By giving customers credit for purchases of full albums from which they have bought individual tracks, Apple hopes to remove the resistance of buying the full album if you have to re-purchase singles on it that you already own. Apple has introduced the "Complete My Album" feature on its iTunes Store which gives a full credit of 99 cents for every track the user previously purchased and applies it toward the purchase of the complete album. For instance, most albums on iTunes cost $9.99 so a customer who already bought three tracks can download the rest of the album for $7.02, previously they would be charged the full price. There's always a catch though, the album price reduction is good for 180 days after the initial purchase of individual tracks. For the first 90 days, Apple will make the "Complete My Album" offer retroactive to users who purchased tracks dating back to the launch of the iTunes Store four years ago. According to Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of iTunes, about 45% of the nearly 2.5 billion songs sold on iTunes were purchased as albums.

News source: Physorg

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Hmm I guess it is good to have a discount but I thought the whole point of buying from iTunes is you're buying the song you like instead of the whole album...

That could work out nicely for people who have bought quite a few tracks that appear on a compilation: 8 tracks that appear on Now 5,000,223 (or whatever they're up to now) that you've bought separately now count against the $9.99 for the whole album of over 20; 12+ extra tracks for only $2.07...