Apple iTunes Signs up New Film Studio

Apple has signed a lucrative deal with Paramount. Following in Disney's footsteps, Paramount is the second film studio to sign with the iTunes download store, although programmes from Showtime, NBC Universal and MTV are available as well. Paramount will provide 100 titles (expected to double by the end of 2007) sold at $9.99 each, new films not included. Film studios are unhappy at the $12.99 (£6.70) price tag for new films from iTunes, because of smaller profits. Apple claims that over 1.3 million movie downloads have already been sold through iTunes since September 2006.

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"Following in Disney's footsteps"

LOL. Yeah ok. What they meant to say was "folliwng Steve's orders". You see, because Disney made a total screw up and sold out to Steve, he now sits on the board of directors and is one of the highest shareholders in the company. So it was pretty much "Disney, you will do this" and they could only reply "yes, sir".

who the hell downloads movie from iTunes nayway? are they at least DVD quality? or if not, for "Ipod" quality videos they seem very expensive to me..

Um yeah they upgraded the quality when they started selling movies in Sep, they are now 640x480...

A dvd if you don't know is 720×480 so they are still a bit smaller...

Looks like movie distributors are looking multiple distribution avenues.

Showtime & Starz are available on Windows Media Center with a higer quality video for a cheaper price.
Paramount & Warner have signed up to be available on Xbox 360 marketplace I presume with HD quality videos.