Apple leads 2009 customer satisfaction survey

According to Apple Insider, ChangeWave Research has released a survey indicating customer satisfaction with companies, and which companies customers plan to buy from in the near future.

The company with the highest ratings was Cupertino-based Apple, inc. The survey revealed that Apple came in highest on customer satisfaction with 81%, followed by Asus with 67% and Acer with 61%. Dell and HP came in at 55% and 52%, respectively. The survey also showed that 30% of people looking to buy a notebook would buy from Apple, with HP coming in at 22% and Dell at 26%.

Interestingly, of those who responded to the survey, only 4% plan to buy a new desktop in the next 90 days, and only 6% are gearing up to buy a notebook. According to Apple Insider, that's half of the figures expressed last year.

If you wish to download a .pdf file with more detail, please head here.

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I love these surveys... "1 out of 5 of our customers hate us, lets pat ourselves on the back for this one and start dolling out the bonuses!"

Funny site, they have stuff like this about Apple all the time. This one is from last year and it said that 33% of people who bought a machine in the past 90 days bought an Apple computer and 62% of people would buy an Apple in the next 90 days (out of those who will buy computers). I just have to laugh.

Then on page two they show the customer satisfaction for Operating Systems. Apple is again the magic number: 81%. Same number for customer satisfaction of Apple. Why 81%? Because it has to be odd otherwise it's not believable and it can't start with a 9 because that's not as unbelievable. I don't reckon they did any research. If they did, it was a biased group.

A lot of the Apple love is probably mindshare. Apple's been good at tossing product placements, throwing out retail stores, and trying to build up the fanboyism.

Well of course they are happy. I'd be happy too if I bought a new computer in the year 2009, it came with 1GB of RAM by default and I paid $225 extra to get that upgraded to 4.

Oh plase APPLE are the worst, ever tried to send something to RMA, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Heck even their repair service is a headache, give us 10 days and we ay fix i for 2 arms and a leg

That reminds me of a skit they did on Skithouse (Aussie comedy show), they had survey people surveying survey people

Apple Mac Sales � Past 90 Days
Apple continues to show weakness among respondents who bought a computer over the
past 90 days, with 20% saying they bought an Apple Laptop and 15% a desktop � down 2-pts
each from previously.

Hewlett-Packard � Past 90 Days
Looking at the past 90 days, sales of H-P Laptops (27%; up 4-pts) and Desktops (27%; up 5-
pts) have jumped.

Dell � Past 90 Days
Purchases of Dell PCs over the past 90 days have dipped slightly � with Desktops (33%)
dropping 2-pts and Laptops (21%) dipping 1-pt.
Note that the consumer market only represents about 20% of Dell's total business.

Those satisfied Apple customers seem to be decreasing?

mmck said,
Thats the point you should disregard the statistics.

Good point. Nothing like a company doing a survey about themselves. I can call myself the greatest person in the world...but others may think, and probably do think, I am a dick.

Apple didn't conduct the survey, though. Apple Insider is a site that focuses mainly on Apple news, much like Neowin focuses mainly on Windows/Microsoft news.

Apple didn't conduct the survey, though. Apple Insider is a site that focuses mainly on Apple news, much like Neowin focuses mainly on Windows/Microsoft news.

Not very many people surveyed and these surveys are not accurate. I dont know how many times I have declined to take a survey after I call support. Those that I am "forced" to survey, I just plug in random info as I am really sick of asking to take a survey.

They also need to take an equal amount of surveys from each company and then provide the results. And why are they providing this survey for anyone? Its still FEB 09...they should do these things at the end of the year.

I just dont hold much faith in these kinda of things and it has nothing to do with Apple. I have the same opinions on Microsoft, Motorola...whoever.

I tend to do the same unless it's a survey that's particularly interesting. Not saying Apple wouldn't still be top if more people were surveyed but wouldn't count thoses figures as gospel, for example I'm suprised HP and Lenovo are so low. You also really need to know how many people voted for each manufacturer, 50% of 2 people wouldn't mean much.

It would be better if more people were surveyed and more data was provided. Apple may still be at the top, but with only 3k people surveyed, the results are not to good.

It isn't. Even though this survey is just for the US, it's a little hard to believe 3,115 people is a fair representation of the customers out there! I know it's hard times right now, but considering the population of the US you'd think you'd need a *little* more then 3k to get an idea of what the customers are thinking.

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