Apple loses 'most valuable company' title to Exxon Mobil

The stock value of Apple has continued sliding these past few days following lackluster financials for Q4 2012, with the tech giant losing the "most valuable company" title to Exxon Mobil today. Way back in August 2011, Apple took the crown from Exxon briefly, before cementing the position in the following days and months; they even reached a record share price of $700 in September 2012.

Now the share price for Apple sits at just $439.88 after falling 2.36% in the day's trading, bringing the market capitalization down to $413.04 billion. Meanwhile, Exxon Mobil's relatively steady stock price rose today to $91.73, bringing their market cap to $418.23 billion, higher than Apple's for the first time in years. Due to this change, Exxon Mobil now steals the crown of the most valuable company back from Apple.

Apple's stock price is now at the lowest value since January 24, 2012, effectively wiping away all the gains they had made for 2012. With increasing market competition and innovation, especially from the likes of Android and Samsung's Galaxy range, Apple is losing the edge they once held.

Source: Yahoo! via: 9to5Mac

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Jobs was right when he declared an open war against Samsung mainly because he knew that Apple is just a one-tricky-pony (or more than one but mostly a few tricks), if a flagship product fails then the whole business could fail.

IMHO, Apple should evolves and launch new products instead of simply launch new version of their old products.

Brony said
IMHO, Apple should *evolve* and launch new products instead of simply *launching* new version of their old products.

The thing is though, the next major release of iOS and iPhone is going to be the bomb... Apple have hopefully realised things needs to change, the pressure is on hopefully they channel that energy wisely.. they've had a shake up, ive is on board.. it's all good.

There are many reasons why Apple's profit was only a tiny increase this quarter, the market always over reacts.

So it goes.

Apple will continue to be successful for years yet, but some other company will be the new stock darling.

They were overvalued and their silly investorswho expected a growth of 50% each year had a reality-check.

But IMO they're stil valued very high. I wouldn't say overvalued but imagine how their investors would react if they actually have a bad year some time in the future. The bubble could burst and its not because Apple doesnt create real value (it does) but because they attract idiots.

where some of you see loss, some see opportunity. Personally I am not an income manager or a stock observer so I could be in the dark. But i honestly don't see how the stock is going down. income is solid, future sales are predictably solid, but yet the stock is down? Market anomaly? If anything instead of seeing a stock falling, could it be actually a great thing and time to buy? If I had my families wealth, I know I would buy a couple million at the moment given the price.

What is happening with Apple is that they are at a standstill. The iPhone 5 hardly offered anything new but an extra row of icons, the company always said the iPad formfactor was optimal but as soon as they release a model with smaller screen it starts eating into the 'optimal' model marketshare. Then the company produces results which are below expectations, yet tries to spin it like it's all good. The stock market may be a circus but the people there are not fools nor are they blindly following where Apple leads. The cracks are starting to show and since Apple has tried to cover them up they seem a a lot bigger all at once. As a final nail obviously the stock was way over valued riding the 'Steve Jobs is god' mantra. With Jobs gone Apple is obviously adrift struggling to find their place without the great leader. It has shown in all aspects of the company; products, presentations, marketing speak ans so on..

Would not be surprised to see the stock well below 400 before the year is up. And then it's still overvalued IMO.

This is what happens when you reach market saturation. Their products have started cannibalizing their own products rather than gaining market shares against their competitors'. This leads to some 'erratic' behavior such as acceleration of product cycles with small incremental updates and no real innovation.

Yip, and the fact that they sold large volumes with very little profit increase, shows that the older generation products are indeed cannibalizing the newer products.

And if they continue to release just minor updates like the iphone 5, then that trend will continue, seeing as there isnt any real incentive to spend more on a newer model.

when apple become the most valuable company(passing MS) was it posted on Neowin?? No i guess. anything to make MS look better

What is the point of this article? "Most valuable company" isn't an actual contest. Neither Apple nor Exxon care.

And yet the American government are still giving Exxon mobil MASSIVE tax cuts... because they clearly need them.

Myself and other analysts predicted this, warned about it, and gave quite generous timelines of reasoning of how and why it will happen.

This is a pattern with Apple and the nature of the volatility of their product market model.

This just in apple stocks go up and down .
And if apple discontinued the iPhone and iPad totally they would still be over 12 times richer then Microsoft could ever dream of lol

TurboShrimp said,
This just in apple stocks go up and down .
And if apple discontinued the iPhone and iPad totally they would still be over 12 times richer then Microsoft could ever dream of lol
And fall like a rock.

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