Apple may be struggling to get iOS 7 ready in time

Over the past few months, more and more information about iOS 7 has become known. First we learned, via the Wall Street Journal, that changes to iOS were going to be "pretty conservative." Then came a conflicting report from several credible Apple followers claiming that Apple was having trouble redesign iOS in time. A report from 9to5Mac indicated that Apple may be looking into a "flat" design, like that of Windows Phone. 

AllThingsD reports that Apple may be having problems getting iOS 7 ready on time, and could be drafting in other engineers that work on OS X to help. Back in 2007, Apple had to pull engineers from the OS X division to work on the iPhone's new OS, called iPhone OS. According to one source who spoke to AllThingsD, iOS 7 "will ship on time." The news of Apple's scramble to get iOS finished was first reported by Daring Fireball, and has now been reiterated by Bloomberg and AllThingsD. 

The reason for the extra man power requirement? The "significant" changes that Apple are making to iOS. As one source put it: "You know Game Center’s green felt craps table? Well, goodbye, Circus Circus." Apple is reportedly working on a new "flat" design which would look similar to that of Windows Phone and may also be looking to introduce widgets to iOS. Jony Ive, the now head of iOS, is a big fan of flat, subtle designs, so the reported changes aren't altogether surprising. 

The only problem Apple faces with a redesign is keeping the familiarity for those users who have grown accustomed to the look and feel of iOS over the years. iOS is very much an operating system for those who don't want the complexity of Android, but still want a relatively powerful OS with a large selection of high-quality apps. If Apple can retain those features, and introduce a new look all before WWDC, Apple will have succeeded. 

Source: AllThingsD | Image via Apple

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iOS needs an overhaul. It's a great OS but it needs a visual change as its gone stale. So stale that I am going back to Android. Hope they can do something decent with the phone as the past two iterations have also been boring which tbh isn't usually Apple's style.

The only changes we can expect from iOS 7 is a new iCON and might be similar to the WWDC 2013 iCON. No one seem to realize it and will probably look identical. However, as for the UI stuff, subtle changes. A drastic new UI will be too risky for iOS 7 unless it's gonna change the way we use it as a result for better feature and more intuitive than iOS 6.

So...WWDC 2013 is really crucial and will determine the fate of iOS for the next few years and evaluate how the new executive performance.

I would prefer they release it once everything has been finished and properly tested. I don't want to another rush job like they did with maps. 2 or 3 months late, it doesn't really matter.

I think this redesign is being over-hyped. We've never, in the history of Apple, seen dramatic change from version to version of an OS. Even the complete reconstruction of Mac OS in OS X was ultimately the same fundamental UX and set of metaphors.

Apple's customer-facing changes are *modular*. They'll ADD this. They'll INTRODUCE that. Something will be AUGMENTED. Nothing ever feels 'replaced' by something new.

Apple makes dramatic "changes" by launching an entirely new product. While there might be big new stuff under the hood in iOS 7, if you're expecting a whole new UI, I'm 99% certain you'll be disappointed.

As it stands right now - Apple OS is the oldest of all mobile OS' out there and its age is showing. Handedly, it has the most apps for it and one could argue the strongest eco-app-system for now. Apple is going to have to make OS7 a leap that takes it back to the forefront without argument and not just keep it current as what OS5 and 6 did to an extent and was acceptable to a level. I don't think IMO they will be able to make OS7 a gigantic leap over OS6 - I just don't think they will be able to do that given the time frame they seemingly have.

I don't believe Apple is having problems with software engineering. No. They're having problems with marketing, more like. How are they going to explain to their iSheep that they're now following Microsoft's innovation lead? How can they add any new features to iOS without being accused of blind copying? A tricky issue indeed.

ios is cooked. remember the crap bloggers tried to feed us about how amazing facetime was going to be, how imessage was going to destroy the messaging competition, how siri was tech from the future. yada yada yada, apple is no longer a threat to anyone. their share in everything is shrinking, their profits are shrinking. a new design of ios will do absolutely nothing. the people at apple sometimes think of good ideas, but they are not businessmen. it happened with the pc, now phones and tablets.

iOS 7 - for the first time in the industry, a Flat Look done right!

No matter what they end up with, they'll claim its an industry first and revolutionary.

wp tiles suck, there bland and boring, theres no shadows to prop stuff up, theres nothing amazing to look.... (iOS 7) look at our amazing new design, the simplistic nature of these designs has bin in development since we saw how simple is sometimes better, this is nothing like WP's tiles at all, we invented this before time began and because of this we are the best.

even if it is a flat design for new system icons your still going have 100's of thousands of apps using the old icons so its going to look well **** tbh. Spose will have to see what they come up with first but probably nothing to look at

When is "in time"? I'm sure Apple have their internal deadlines and they would probably want to show something good at WWDC. Rumour mill has it that it is due in September. What is probably giving them more kittens though is that they may have to postpone new product launch until later as they tend to coincide with major iOS releases.

Why is this news?

If the changes to the OS design are truly that extensive, then it would make sense to pull additional talent into its development.

Widgets? Don't do it. They are mostly pointless. I never used them in Vista or Windows 7. Nor in OSX. Never use them on my Nexus 4 either.

They show too little information to be useful, and drain the battery (on a phone). They are basically eye candy for sales reps to use to sell phones. Along the lines of "See how you can put cat videos on your home screen? Mind. blown. Right?"

That all hugely depends on the widget. Of course there are some that fit your description, but there are many, many others that do not.

I use only one widget on my Android phone, but I couldn't live without this widget now:

It's awesome to know at the glimpse of an eye how much money left in my bank account.

I wouldn't mind a calendar/clock/weather temp thing on my home screen. You're right though, most are useless. I am tired of the wall of icons approach though, its cluttered.

Kirkburn said,

Precisely why the uniform approach of live tiles is so appealing to many.
All of the information, none of the added battery drain.

All I want is a sexy Home screen, and not just rows of app icons

At the end, they are correct. It's all about the experience IN apps but I still want to smile geekily everytime I turn my phone on

I guess they're struggling with the new, magic and revolutionary features they're trying to add that Android had for 3 years, like a Quick toggles panel and a functional app manager...

I've been the owner of 3 iPhones in the last few years (iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S) so I'm familiar with iOS and its possibilities... I'm now using a GalaxyS3 with LiquidSmooth and the KT747 kernel. Everytime I use my fiancee's iPhone 5, it feels dated and limited.

They really need to come up with something big in iOS 7! They're behind... Jelly Bean and even WP8, which is a young platform, are ahead feature-wise.

And nope, I'm not a Apple hater. I'm the happy owner of a Retina MacBook Pro 15" and I love this laptop.

I don't think anyone in the industry is worrying too much about Android, no. It'll be toast by this time next year anyway when Samsung dump it for Tizen. The real innovation is, ironically, coming from Redmond, not Silicon Valley. Apple will/must copy many of the features of WP8 - Apple has a cross-patent license agreement with Microsoft after all. That'll leave Android look as old, slow, boring and dated as it really is - good grief it's even written in the Java kiddie-language. What then?

The difference is...

A report from AllThingsD earlier today said that Apple was in a repeat of the scenario from 2007 wherein the company pulled engineers off the development of OS X Leopard to work on the first iPhone.

Apple sources told ATD that it's "not as much of a fire drill" and that iOS 7 "will ship on time". Apple hasn't actually announced a ship date for iOS 7, so "on time" is subjective at this point. However, Bloomberg said earlier today that the public launch of the software was on schedule for "as soon as September".

I'm not trying to start a bitchfest or anything, but if you need more up-to-date news, I'm really happy to help out.

Got any sources for that? I seem to recall for the original iPhone they pulled loads of the Mac team in order to get it out of the door when they said it would, but don't recall any previous iOS released having that

xpxp2002 said,
I think this has happened with every iOS release sine 3 or 4. Must be a slow news day.
Nope, it's just Neowin trying hard to hype up the dismal Windows Phone 8. No matter how long it takes, they will outsell Nokia in 2 weeks.

JHBrown said,
Nope, it's just Neowin trying hard to hype up the dismal Windows Phone 8. No matter how long it takes, they will outsell Nokia in 2 weeks.

Yes, because one has ANYTHING to do with the other... :eyeroll:

JHBrown said,
Nope, it's just Neowin trying hard to hype up the dismal Windows Phone 8. No matter how long it takes, they will outsell Nokia in 2 weeks.

first it was they were going to outsell them in 1 hour, then it was 1 day, then one week, now 2 weeks. next quarter its going to be 1 month. apples share keeps shrinking and windows phones share keep growing. guess what happens? windows phone has around 5% worldwide sales share last quarter, and iphone down to 17.5%. by this time next year you'll be saying iphone will hopefully do half of what windows phone will do.

Greetings from China - y'know the place with the people, the biggest markets, many of your jobs and most of your money. Here nobody buys Apple anymore. Apple's for laoren (old folks). iPhone doesn't even work on China Mobile (850 million users). Here people are buying Nokia and Samsung. Keep dreaming though.