Apple may build an iOS game controller


Apple has reportedly been talking to developers in a booked room under a pseudonym name at GDC 2013 about ensuring plenty of games for iOS will support a joypad the company is designing when that add-on is released.

According to a report by PocketGamer, multiple developer sources have confirmed that Apple is working on the peripheral. Those sources claim they don't know when Apple plans to release it, but it's expected the plans are to be announced during an annual April press event, which was previously for the iPad. The sources also say they did not hold or see the physical device, so it's unknown how Apple will design it.

This doesn't come as a shock if we look at Apple's patent application from 2008, which relates to a controller that is  similar to a Wii remote. Of course this could have nothing at all to do with the controller the sources have talked about.


Even though third-party controllers already exist for both the iPhone and iPad, the majority of games don't support them. An official controller is likely to push developers to integrate it, which could then create a much more hardcore gaming community on the platform.

Source: PocketGamer | Image via Apple

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Dear god not this out of date crap - this has already been debunked on multiple sources quoted on multiple sites so why on earth is Neowin even raising the issue? As for the article big 'exclusive' - please, it is old, out of date and inaccurate - how about quoting off a website worth quoting off like Arstechnica or something with at least a reasonable level of accuracy and reputation for quality.

It is obvious that you couldn't even be bothered clicking on the article because this is the headline:

"Exclusive: Apple will launch an official gaming joypad soon"

Not may, possibly, or hopefully - the article claims that it will happen soon. Again, as I noted in my original post - the article has been debunked and god knows why anyone would link to a nobody website with zero reputation other than piggybacking.

I was talking about this article on Neowin, I never claim it is a fact. Note I used 'reportedly' and 'claims',

Saying 'nope' isn't a debunk no matter how accurate he has been. The site you mentioned, Arstechnica, also wrote a piece on the story from PocketGamer.

Call it what you wish, I felt it was valid to post but I wasn't claiming fact.

raghavny80 said,
And it will sell millions.. And Microsoft will enter the party a few years late..

really? the xbox co troller not only works with the xbox, it works with Surface and any pc or mac running Windows.

any Windows Phone device cab have BT support added for a joypad at anytime. what is so stupid is that ios has been the top gaming platform for sometime and they are only making a pad bec...well Android has several?

so much for being an innovative leader. more like a copying disciple. Since Apple makes a standard device that basically is the same size for 6 years, a joypad directly from Apple was expected by everyone...but Apple. lame.

Windows has pkenty of 3rd parties that make joypads. microsoft makes them ready as well. its Apple who is actually late to the game.

Yeah I'm hoping it only has one large pad that constantly misunderstands what you're trying to do, like the McBook Pro does.

Enron said,
Yeah I'm hoping it only has one large pad that constantly misunderstands what you're trying to do, like the McBook Pro does.

Oh great... McDonalds is making laptops now......

They should look in the third party sector for that. I seen a lot of cool cases with actual joy pads and I seen some that were stopped because Apple actually intervene and stopped there production.