Apple on the purple haze in iPhone 5 photos; ‘It's normal'

Jimi Hendrix recorded a song called Purple Haze in 1967 and depending on what story you believe, the song is either about drug use or love. Apple certainly isn’t feeling the love at the moment, and someone in Apple had to have been high to release iOS Maps in its current form.

Following on from reports that there was a lot of unwanted purple hazing showing up in some iPhone 5 camera shots, Apple Support has said that this is in fact “normal behaviour.” They provided the following explanation:

Our engineering team just gave me this information and we recommend that you angle the camera away from the bright light source when taking pictures. The purple flare in the image provided is considered normal behaviour for iPhone 5′s camera.

While understandable that there will be some issues with light and flaring, comparing shots on taken on the iPhone 5, 4S, and even a Nikon D300 show that the colour of the shots is definitely better on the 4S. But at the same time, other shots showed no discernible difference in the colouring of the pictures. But it has also been confirmed that the light source isn’t the issue as the hazing has appeared in photos taken using normal settings.

Apple appears to be passing the buck onto the quality of the camera with their response. Remember the response Steve Jobs gave to the masses around the reception issues of the iPhone 4? Just avoid holding it that way. Really Steve, really. At least Tim Cook has acknowledged that iOS Maps is unacceptable.

As there is no confirmed reason for the issue, some have speculated that it could be the coating on the iPhone 5 camera or that it could just be an issue that happens to less expensive camera hardware. Either way, if you’re getting these issues, don’t expect the phone to be replaced.

Looks like our world just got a little more purple.

Source and Image: Mashable

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Obry said,

Are you serious with the better photographer comment? This is a consumer device and people taking pictures with it are expected to not be photographers and not know anything about taking pictures other than pointing and shooting (hence the term point and shoot camera).

I meant it as "makes you a better amateur photographer". Also, this is besides the point of this discussion, but a P&S camera can also be geared for prosumer use. Just check out the Sony RX100. Times are changing along with sensor technology.

The iPhone or any other consumer camera should be able to adjust itself automatically to any condition and take a good enough picture.

No phone camera takes a "good enough picture" under "any condition".

The iPhone obviously fails in more cases and conditions than other phones, including the older iPhone that is able to take a better picture in the exact same scene and light conditions.

Are you sure?

The clouds are different so must've been a different time of day
Obviously the sun was purple that particular time of the day

Its prolly the sapphire lens causing it which will be only be able to fix in software though trying to remove it. Begs the question did apple do any testing on this device or did they just throw it together andfigured no point fixing it cus ppl will buy it anyway? Apple seem to be really slacking since jobs died. Could this be the start of apples downfall

vhaakmat said,
Let's see wait and see how the Apple drooling/loving devotees are now going to explain this away....

I wouldn't call myself an Apple devotee and I have no answer for why it happens, but I'll say that I don't give a damn because I don't take the kind of pictures affected by this problem.


Hardcore Til I Die said,

I wouldn't call myself an Apple devotee and I have no answer for why it happens, but I'll say that I don't give a damn because I don't take the kind of pictures affected by this problem.


Hahahaha, that's one explanation... But as the sample shows, the previous phone had no problems taking these type of pictures... So now that you have (or will buy) the iPhone5 you're screwed if you thought of taking these type of pictures, but hey, no worries, there must be a very good reason for this "feature"... LOL

Simple there is no fix for this problem, apple know that the problem is with the camera not the software and they can't fix it

Not commenting on the iPhone pictures, but the person who took the three comparison pics should really clean the lens on their Nikon properly. Lots of dust on that lens. people are purposely pointing the camera at the BRIGHT SUN and taking photos to see if they have the purple haze. Good job! keep that up and then people will start complaining about their camera failing, or degraded performance in low light. As with looking at the sun with your NAKED eyes, you will eventually damage the retina of your eye. The same thing will happen to the ccd of the camera phone.

Looking at the 4s picture I notices another problem, the camera(phone) inserts apple ads in photos with a strong light towards the phone

I don't have any images I've taken that are overly purple. I just took a pic of the sky with the sun in it and it came out fine. Maybe they ARE holding it wrong.

I honestly can't believe the stuff people argue about. Listen up folks. The iPhone 5 and 4S have the exact same camera sensor. The only different is it was made thinner to fit the 5. Also the Galaxy S III also has the exact same camera, yet I haven't seen any flare whatsoever.However it can be a common issue. However mist other camera makers use colors that tend to blend better lime blues or greens. The flare is caused by how direct light reflects on the coating.howvere I have never seen it that dark. Its usually much more faint and looks like it fades cleanly into the light. This pic above looks lime total crap.I see 3 possible issues, 1 - the coating is to thick or dark, 2 - the exposure stettings are bad, 3 there is a defect in the camera.Either way its not Apples fault. They never tested the sensor just lime they didn't test the maps. They simlybstuff it in the phone knowing fools would buy it anyways. The quality of the iPhone has gone to shyte. FACE IT!!!!

My beautiful Galaxy S III which has the exact same camera, doesn't have this problem. Maps work too. The iPhone 5. 5 times the POS the previous model was. If this was happening to Samsung the Apple fans would have been all over it with terrible jokes.

Take your medicine boys. A Apple a day won't keep Android users away. Lmao.
You all stood in line for crap map haven purple bud smoking phone.

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