Apple patent High tactility glove system

Apple has recently filed a patent titled High tactility glove system - gloves which can keep users' hands warm during cold conditions.

During winter and in cold conditions, users wear warm clothing to keep themselves warm. But it becomes very difficult to use an electronic device such as a computer with gloves. Sometimes, it becomes highly impossible to use the keyboard when gloves are worn. Another fine example would be using iPhone with gloves.

The high tactility glove system helps users to use such electronic devices during cold conditions by keeping the users' hands warm. As a result, user may provide inputs to the input mechanism of an electronic device to direct the electronic device to perform operations.

Image Courtesy:US Patents

Will these be named iGlove?

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This is great for any musician playing outside! Warm hands and uncovered fingertips, been looking for it quite some time.. I wonder how this will be put to use and when I'm able to buy it... I do think prices will be insanely high. The one thing that'd make this really perfect is a custom made/cast set of gloves so it fits perfectly

On the street, when someone gives you that "shooting hand gun jesture" can give it back with the iGlove and shoot little lightning bolts out at em.

How much would the iGlove cost? I would bet a lot more than ordinary fingerless gloves, so unless they provide a totally out of this world experience during HJs then it's not worth it is it.

With the little "caps" on the thumb and first 2 fingers in the illustrations these seem to be geared specifically toward devices with touch interfaces. If they were meant more for typing on a regular keyboard you would think that all 5 fingers would have these little "caps" on them.