Apple plugs eight QuickTime holes

Apple has released a new version of its QuickTime software, partly to repair eight serious security vulnerabilities. Apple confirmed that the vulnerabilities make both Macs and Windows PCs susceptible to malicious files which, when opened with QuickTime, could give the attacker full control over a computer running the software. The problems lie in the way QuickTime handles a number of formats: QuickTime, MIDI, 3GP, PICT and QTIF files, according to the Apple alert. Security researchers have increasingly been targeting applications in recent months, claiming that hackers are more focused on widely used programs than operating systems that are becoming more secure.

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I could be wrong, but quicktime alternative is just the decoder and not the whole QT app/player.

So unless any of these flaws were directly in the codec then maybe. But this is just my guess, check out Quicktime alternatives website and see if they have a newer version or some info about it.

I find it odd that no one is bashing Apple for having security issues, when if it was microsoft releasing 8 fixes for one piece of software people would be all MS for producing insecure products.

8 SERIOUS security flaws in one application coming from Apple, it still amazes me that Apple is 'condsidered' so much more secure than MS Apps.

I agree. Its no different with FF users dragging IE through the mud but neglect the fact that their beloved browser has has security issues that go unpatched for years!
People just love to hate the guy on top. I'll hand it to Apple and Mozilla for convicing people that their products are entirely safe but what puzzles me is why people have such corporate brand loyalty as if that is an alternative

It's the apple RDF in effect, what everyone needs to understand is that nothing is 100% secure and perfect. People want to go after the biggest target, and it shows now little by little with FF. As FF is getting more market share, they're finding and attacking security holes in it more. The FF update fixed like 7 bugs? I could be a bit wrong on that number but I know it fixed more then just 1 or 2. And the day after the update was released another critical security hole was found in it from what I read.

So when it comes to Apple security reputation they are happy to fix the problems but when it comes to supporting Vista they drag their feet? What a surprise.

Yeah because they just up and threw the patch together overnight.

Perhaps instead of releasing multiple patches for the littlest things, they combine many things into one larger patch. But that just wouldn't make any sense at all.

Also, why bother releasing an update solely for a Vista fix that doesn't affect everyone