Apple potentially holding a hardware event on March 24

Rumors are circulating that Apple will be hosting a hardware-based press event on March the 24th, to update some of its current product lines. These whispers come from World of Apple, who reported multiple sources "close to Apple" who informed them of the event.

This is good news for Apple fans, as MacWorld 2009 left enthusiasts with a sour taste in their mouths, due to a poor list of announcements. Many other devices were expected, like a long overdue Mac mini refresh, as well as new iMacs and an updated Mac Pro. As you may be thinking, all these devices will most likely be announced at the upcoming rumored event.

Other websites are also expecting an event on that date, and even hoped for a preview of Apple's upcoming operating system, Snow Leopard.

What announcements would you like to see at the event, if at all it will be held?

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There's another rumor that they'll announce new hardware tomorrow, Tue 3rd. But as none of the sites have any track record of being right and previously rumored release dates have come and gone then it sounds like a guess.

Eventually someone will guess correctly and as Intel are releasing the new Xeon's at the end of March it's not too difficult to guess roughly when the Mac Pro updates will be and you can imagine the iMac and Mini updates coming out around the same time although the updates will probably be staggered.

I've been waiting to get a new iMac at work for ages now, so hopefully this will launch the new line and with Snow Leopard...or at least an upgrade voucher.

I'm calling this bull****.

There has been two or three other times news sites posted big rumors of the Mac Mini getting updated, and it didn't. Even some BS pictures.

until its on Apple's site, and ready to buy, i wont believe it.

i would not mind them saying Snow leopard is done and that they are going to start shipping it on all systems ... being that i am going to be purchasing a Macbook at the beginning of April.

same here :). I was planning to buy a mac mini for my hdtv ... but waiting for the refresh. would be cool if they ships with snow leopard

How about something new instead of just 'refreshing' the same old line of products?

Now THERE'S an idea.....

lol, i don't follow apple but, i can't see there being any new Mac Pros for awhile :P Mini's perhaps, but anyone who buys one of those things for $700+ is crazy, or a fanboy/girl... one of the two, also, new Monitors

who knows what else, its a rumor YEY

There's already substantial talk of Mac Pro's with Intel the new i7 processors. The latest Leopard update in beta includes support for the i7 so if there's no new Mac Pro.

I know its too early but Id love to see an iphone with a decent camera and video. My phones been ready for its next upgrade for about 4 months now and Id love to own an iphone.

@CoLdFuSi0n :
The iphone camera is simply subpar with the rest of modern cellphone cameras in the market for not to say how crappy it is.

It's a phone, not a DSLR. The camera is just fine. What I'd really want more than anything is a better battery. I can barely get a day out of mine, with 3G turned on.

Uh, why in the world would you guys like to see Apple close? Even if you don't like their products, at least they offer competition?

@Michael Jacob and rakeshishere -

Just a thought -

Are you capable of contributing to a meaningful discussion at all? Just wondering...

I would love to see APPLE closing!!!! YES! That is my dream.

Without competition, Microsoft would just throttle back and go back to making crap again. Without any pressure to innovate, they wouldn't have to.

What a stupid, pointless comment to make - really.

People always assume that whatever Apple does is innovation and rest do is s**t.

I was offtopic but was it was just my perspective and i dont need to get the fanboys happy here

@Rakeshishere, your not exactly a million miles away from being a fanboy yourself with the 'dreaming of Apple closing' comments.

Someone tell Chicane that Microsoft has more than one competitor in the marketplace. They've always out-innovated Apple so no worries about their influence (or lack thereof) on Microsoft

Sigh. I get fed up of participating on discussions on Neowin sometimes. I referenced Apple as an example of a competitor. Of course there are others, but wishing for competition to die is just stupidity quite frankly.

They've always out-innovated Apple so no worries about their influence (or lack thereof) on Microsoft

Come on. How could say a comment like that and keep a straight face? How come none of you Microsoft shills are capable of giving even an INCH to Apple? Are you really that naive or something? Microsoft has done plenty of innovation in its time and no-one will argue that (well, unless they're a total fool) but Apple too have innovated plenty of awesome technology in it's time. And if you can't agree in a balanced way that if (as you say) Apple has borrowed from Microsoft, then Microsoft have borrowed from Apple.

Come on guys. Get a grip.

Apple's goal right now is to move all Macs over to the nVidia chips. This is also a good chance to infuse the un-updated systems with the latest Intel gear and tweak other hardware (FSB, RAM clock speed, Mini DisplayPort, etc.).

I'm also rooting for them to, finally, update the entire line of Cinema Displays... The only Apple product older than the circa 2004 displays are the iPod socks. =\

You could edit the post, if you notice it before 30 mins, in future Just click the 'Edit' button, next to 'Quote'. Would you like me to edit it for you to read "anyone understand", in order to prevent more sarcastic replies from our members?

This is a good opportunity to phase him out of the keynotes and start giving him a spotlight only in big events. Apple is pretty much Steve Jobs and they gotta let him enjoy his life one day...

qdave said,
New iPhone. Unfortunately i know that it wont happen for a while.
dont care much about ipod/macs.

Yeah, I don't think there'll be a new iPhone until June or July. Although, it would be nice

June. This has become the official iPhone month for Apple, kind of.
September is for iPods.

End of March = Mac Pros and/or iMacs and/or Mac Minis.

This would be welcome in my book :)
I'm hoping of a new hardware release this week (imacs or Mac Minis?), then Mac Pros at this event if there is any.