Apple Profit, Revenue Surge on iPod Strength

With any huge profit or revenue, analysts' expectations are always destroyed. This time was no different with analyst Thomson First Call; the projection was for revenue of $6.4 billion and earnings per share of 78 cents. Apple's first fiscal quarter had revenue of $7.1 billion and shares of $1.14 which are 25% and 75% increases over 2005, respectively. A 50% increase from 2005 allowed a profit of $1 billion for the innovative company. iPod sales increased by 50%, in comparison to the same period last year, as well. On the other hand, Apple decided to project its second quarter expectations below analysts': revenue of $4.8 billion to $4.9 billion and earnings per share of 54 cents to 56 cents.

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Why are there so many apple related tech stories, there are hundreds of other companies that are equally as interesting, and we don't get every detail about them served up as a news story.

Heh, i don't even like my ipod mini nor do I use it or ever intend to. It just feels limited and pointless even when I got it in Nov. 2004. The hypings seem pointless once you have the damn thing and you feel as if you wasted money. Get a Creative, Zune, or just get a life.

yeah they're continuing the big profit with the iPod and starting to really make profit with their computers... it was about time... that's why I think I am safe with them, they won't go bankrupt tomorrow.

But what now for the iPod?

No proper touchscreen video ipod announced.. a lush new expensive iphone....

Where does the ipod go from here?

But for some reason there is a bg selloff in the aftermarket . . its down to only 93.95 . . hope tommorrow perks up. It should based on the record earnings

It annoys me that the only reason their PCs are competitive is because iPods make all the money. It hurts the guys like ASUS that make equal (better) computers, but can't sell them any cheaper.