Apple Releases 10.5.3 Update for Mac OS X

Apple has just released the 3rd major update to Mac OS X 10.5 today, which contains "general operating system fixes" detailed in a support document on Apple's site.

Notable changes include additional RAW support for several cameras, improved Wi-fi and Time Capsule support for Apple's Time Machine, and fixes for an issue where video would stutter in certain USB devices.

The update should appear in the Software Update application for Leopard users.

View: MacRumors

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Yes this fixes the Spaces problems that were introduced with 10.5.2 (eg. vanishing panels, having to do double-tab to bring them back).

Flash CS3 panels still go greyed-out on me but a quick mouse click brings them back to life. Better than them vanishing completely. I've been using Photoshop and Illustrator CS3 and they seem totally fixed.

I read on the apple site you can download the standalone copy and boot from it. It says:

The installation process should not be interrupted, even if the progress bar remains unchanged for several minutes. If a power outage or other interruption occurs during installation, use the standalone installer (see below) from Apple Support Downloads to update.

So you may have some success there.

Spaces is on the changelog so it should do. I personally didn't have any problems with it in 10.5.2, though.

(Examinus said @ #6)
Does this fix Spaces? I find them very buggy.

My major problem with OS X was Spaces screwing up the GUI in my Adobe CS3 apps and it was fixed so maybe other Spaces glitches were fixed too.

Downloaded and installed via the Software Update - Installed in just 10 minutes and system is up and running without any problems

Nah, x.x.x updates are totally free on OS X. And before anyone posts this, YES it's a lot of fixes because NO, OS X is not perfect so stop annoying OS X users with these comments (I am not offending any of you by the way, I just liek to prevent...)

x.x updates though, cost like 130 bucks and x updates probably the same thing too :P