Apple Releases 802.11n-Compatible AirPort Extreme

Amid all the hoopla surrounding the iPhone and Apple TV introduction, Apple quietly introduced Jan. 9 an updated AirPort Extreme wireless networking base station that supports the IEEE 802.11n draft specification. Although Apple CEO Steve Jobs didn't even mention the product in his keynote speech Jan. 9 at the annual Macworld Conference and Expo here , the new AirPort Extreme product will ship in February with a price of $179. Apple has already started accepting orders for the device. The new AirPort Extreme will be a vital component of Apple's TV strategy.

Use of the 802.11n specification means the AirPort Extreme can stream data on either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz wavelengths, at transfer speeds of up to 540Mbits/sec—theoretically 10 times faster than 802.11g. This could enable streaming of HD media from a computer wirelessly to an Apple TV unit for display on a living room TV screen. Apple also claims a wider coverage area for the new model, as well as backward compatibility with existing 802.11b and 802.11g products. For physical connectivity, the AirPort Extreme will feature one USB 2.0 port for a printer or external hard drive (which can be shared between computers on the local network), a WAN port for a DSL or cable modem and three 10/100 LAN ports.

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I use the Apple wireless networking hardware and have found it to be compact, stylish, and reliable. I'm happy i can now go to draft n with apples equipment. Vista works well with it, my network works well with it, and i've been streaming audio to my home stereos for about 2 years flawlessly. Thanks Apple !!

So this is such a small accomplishment that Apple doesn't even want to announce it and boast about how much better it is than the competitors product so there should be an article on it on Neowin.

Look, hate apple, fine, why not just stay clear of this thread then, rather then try and cause trouble if your ill manners

ccuk said,
This is something Asus have done in their high end routers for a good number of years now...

I get the impression the OP was being sarcastic