Apple Releases iTunes 7.2, Launches iTunes Plus (DRM Free)

Apple released iTunes 7.2 updated in the Mac OS X Software Update tonight, which offers support for "iTunes Plus", Apple's new DRM-free $1.29 offerings announced in April.

Despite the software update, the Apple iTunes Store itself does not show any DRM-Free music currently available for purchase. The DRM-Free launch will likely occur later this morning (Wed, May 30th).

From the iTunes Help, it appears you will be able to upgrade your existing songs to the iTunes Plus (DRM Free) version:

The iTunes Store also offers songs without DRM protection, from participating record labels. These DRM-free songs, called "iTunes Plus," have no usage restrictions and feature higher-quality encoding.

The first time you buy an iTunes Plus song, you specify whether to make all future purchases iTunes Plus versions (when available). You can change this setting by accessing your account information on the iTunes Store.

If you already have iTunes Store purchases that are now available as iTunes Plus downloads, you may upgrade your existing purchases. To do so, visit the iTunes Store and follow the onscreen instructions.

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Is anyone else having the problem that iTunes now asks you to log in EVERY TIME you start the program, even if you start up in your local library? I can't find a way to stop it. Other people on the Apple forum are having the same problem.

It's doing it to me, but I figured it was just because I have downloads that haven't finished. I purchased an album from iTunes plus yesterday and this morning the downloads still aren't going. I keep getting errors although they seem to be making some progress, very little though. Is anybody else having problems with iTunes plus downloads? The first album I downloaded went fine except for one song, which I just restarted iTunes and it downloaded ok then. This album "The Crane Wife" by The Decemberists, I've gotten one song to download, the rest keep getting errors.

I'm running Windows Vista Business 32 bit and I cant install it. I keep getting a error saying files in use "windows explorer" with a process id number that changes on reboot.

EDIT: I just had to uninstall my older version of iTunes and then install the new one. Cost me a whole .30 cents to upgrade my library to plus. Blind Melon - No Rain and to me there is a noticeable difference in the sound quality.

So is iTunes 7.2 compatible with 64 bit Windows? It now lists for the first time that it's compatible with Vista, does that include Vista 64?

Well I for one am so pleased they have finally managed DRM free music. At last I can finally legally purchase DRM free music in iTunes, and if it's a whole album, it's the same price as the DRM lesser quality version- great! I am just hoping the other studios like Sony follow suit and join on the DRM free bandwagon. Nice one EMI and Apple!

Anyone know what the new format or bitrates are, anything besides MP3 VBR0 320, i don't care for... If iTunes actually offered music with those specs, I would be in the whole iTunes Music Store instantly...

256Kbps AAC.

Honestly though, can you hear the different past 192Kbps AAC or 256Kbps MP3? 320Kbps VBR MP3 seems like a waste of spacce.

Yeah I can, I'm a audiophile, all high quality equipment. I pretty much delete everything less than 256.

And isn't 320 VBR be smaller and better quality than 256 SBR anyway? So I can't see how it would be a waste of space... I can't see the logic in not using VBR...

Do you know if the 256 AAC they offer is VBR?

They are sneaky . . this is their pathetic way to rationalize an increase: 99c -> $1.30 (eventaully every song will be this price).

so they basically raised the price of the songs . . "Now only for $1.30" , and promote the higher quality with no drm.

That's so wrong . . it should have always been higher quality, and you shouldn't charge more for higher bit rates. Its the same god damn song !

and DRM free . . that's not worth an extra 30% per song , since you can rip it out anyway.

Keep your downloading sites out

Look at Mr. Irrational. He's so damn with his piracy.

Ever think the extra 30% per song was for the higher bandwidth costs (the files are double the bitrate, so almost double the size)? Or did that not even cross your mind?

Even so, it's your choice whether or not you want the higher quality, DRM free songs for the extra 30 cents. PLUS album costs are the same in iTunes Plus. They don't seem to charge extra for the DRM-free, higher bitrate albums.

This whole shift to DRM-free can only be a good thing, yet people still find something to complain about. It's insane. :confused:

i find it funny how they where like DRM is more secure thats the way to go... now they are saying DRM is to much of an issue and dropping it :P

I don't recall Apple ever saying that DRM was the way to go, but that given the attitude of the media companies at the time, it was a necessary evil. Last year Steve Jobs published an open letter to the record execs urging them to get rid of DRM.

How much better is iTunes 7.2 compared to 6.05? Does it really have less restrictions on my music library? Does it load faster or is it more bloated? I tried 7.0 when it came out and I didn't like the new interface in how it displays the library. Maybe I am too picky. Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated as I may consider going to this new version if not only being able to have DRM free from the iTunes store.

It's not bad. I don't really use iTunes for a media player though. Just something to move my music to my iPod, that's it. It does what I want it to when I do use it though, and doesn't seem too bloated to me. Then again, I'm used to bloat so~

I'm not sure how bloated the Windows version is since I use OS X but I like the iTunes 7 series for how they've organized the iPod menu alone. Worlds better than 6. The UI? Still not so found of it but I do like Fullscreen Coverflow.

QuarterSwede said,
I'm not sure how bloated the Windows version is since I use OS X but I like the iTunes 7 series for how they've organized the iPod menu alone. Worlds better than 6. The UI? Still not so found of it but I do like Fullscreen Coverflow.

Only problem I have with it is as a media player. It's easier (maybe I'm not using iTunes right though) to rename and organize all the songs on WMP11. That's the only reason I don't use iTunes. :S