Apple releases some WWDC details

Apple has announced some of the details regarding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which is three months away. This year's event is expected to top last year's numbers: developers from 45 countries and more than 4,000 attendees. When asked why there was no mention of the iPhone, Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of worldwide developer relations, replied: "We've announced it's releasing in June, and we're not saying anymore about it." Set to be held in San Francisco from June 11-15, the agenda boasts over 100 sessions in six technology tracks:

  • Leopard Innovations. Transform your application with powerful new Mac OS X Leopard technologies.
  • Mac OS X Essentials. Learn the essential ingredients needed to build world-class products for Mac OS X.
  • Developer Tools. Reach new levels of productivity using ground-breaking development tools.
  • Information Technologies. Learn to use, develop for, integrate, and manage Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Leopard Server.
  • Graphics and Imaging. Add advanced audio, video, imaging, and graphics capabilities to your application.
  • Content and Media. Learn best practices for production and development of rich-media for desktop, devices and the Web.
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The site doesn't reveal much detail. I think they'd have to release before. I'm hoping a single CPU - dual or quad core MacPro comes out at a lower price point. They really need a lower price machine that is internally (and more) expandable than the iMac.

I agree. A single Core 2 Duo would be fine. With the option to upgrade to one of the new cheaper quad cores coming later this year.

They can't call it the Mac Pro though it'd need it's own title. If they made that it'd be my next gaming machine.

I can see them releasing Leopard after the WWDC, would be pretty mean of Apple to launch a product, then tell developers how to take advantage of it (i remember them showing Tiger to developers, then launching, might be mistaken though)

well i think that confirms that the 'features' that everyone was looking forward to are purely developer 'features' and nothing else.

Not even really an indication that it will be released until Q2/Q3.

No, i disagree. This just means whatever the secret features are, they don't effect developers. So they're mostly user space changes. It also means the secret features are probably 'Wow' features to the public, but for developers it won't effect how they develop their product.

I'm not sure, but wasn't Leopard suppose to come out in January 2007? I remember Apple crapping all over Microsoft in those ads like get Leopard as you will be getting Vista and more and stuff like that...remember? those banners and crap.

I'm pretty sure they were all saying January 2007 for Leopard.

Nope, everyone just assumed it as Tiger had it's release date set at the January Macworld. I think they've only said Spring 2007.

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