Apple said to have third Beatle

Apple Incorporated seems to have reached a deal with former Beatle Ringo Starr for the distribution of his solo works released by EMI through the iTunes store. Starr's solo albums that were released on Koch Records are already available through the store. If the deal is official, Starr will become the third member of the group to sign a solo deal with Apple. Sir Paul McCartney cut a deal with Apple in May, and earlier this month John Lennon's solo catalogue was also brought to the iTunes store. With three of the four (the late George Harrison being the fourth) band members signed on to solo deals with Apple, there is once again speculation regarding bringing the Beatles catalogue, also distributed by EMI, to iTunes.

News source: vnunet

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They've all been remastered for the release and yet they seem to just be sitting on them. Paul McCartney has already said the Beatles on iTunes was imminent so I just wish they'd hurry up. I'm not interested in buying them online but when they're released on CD remastered I will definitely pick up most of their albums as the current mastering is very poor... you only have to listen to Let It Be... Naked to know what they could sound like.