Apple set to purchase Israeli NAND flash firm

Apple is set to acquire Israeli NAND flash design firm Anobit for an estimated $400-500 million dollars, according to a report by Reuters. News of the acquisition comes on same day the 15 year anniversary of Apple's acquisition of NeXT that led to the return of Steve Jobs as head of Apple.

Why is Apple interested in this firm? They already use Anobit's technology in NAND flash devices like the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. It's obvious that Apple sees the technology as key to the future of these devices and wants to bring it in house and limit the ability of other firms from using it. Anobit has developed a special chip that makes MLC style flash far more reliable and Apple is the largest purchaser of flash in the world. It's a natural fit.

Aside from Apple, Anobit's other key clients are flash memory manufacturers like Samsung and Hynix. Limiting Samsung's access to this technology in the future, and increasing Apple's patent portfolio, could give them a step up in the reliability of their devices against Samsung's popular Android and Windows Phone devices. Also of note, Hynix recently become the main flash memory supplier for Apple's iPhone 4S, which would enable Apple to continue this relationship in future products using Anobit's technology.

If this deal goes through, it will be Apple's first acquisition inside Israel, something that drew a welcoming in the form of a tweet from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Apple plans to invest in the region and will open a new R&D center in the area.


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Apple is simply buying this company so they don't have to use Samsung as a supplier. That's all. The less they have to give Sammie, the less issues later.

Well I have an iPhone 4S and I compared some transfer times to move music from the device vs using an SDcard of the same storage size, and my old iPhone 4 and now my S are way slower than my SDcard.

On my test, I transfered 40GB worth of music and 10GB of videos. It took nearly 3 hours to transfer that stuff to my iPhone, but less than 2 hours for the same to my SDcard.

Yet my 64GB iPhone $S cost $899 retail vs paying just over $100 for the SDcard.

Ricky65 said,
Another one to add to the boycott Israel list.

one that support to boycott israel, is saying "i'm just not in all the medicines and technology things"

some people simply cannot differentiate between reasonable protest and hate, blindly, they just cover the good and the bad with hate.

Tom said,
Let's all agree NOW that Apple didn't invent NAND flash before they buy another company.

next years apple dev confrence "something new and magical no one else has, NAND flash"

neufuse said,

next years apple dev confrence "something new and magical no one else has, NAND flash"

More like iNand hehehe