Apple somehow approves prostitution app to App Store

It appears as though somehow Apple has approved an escort app to the App Store. Renowned for extremely strict application approval processes, this would be a major error for Apple who pride themselves on keeping the App Store free of suggestive/illegal/unwanted applications. In fact, this would be practically unheard of.

The application, which according to ZDNet is slated for a June 1 launch on the iPhone, is from online “dating” service SugarSugar, the “leading sugar dating website. ” For those that aren’t aware, sugar dating is where women post their “services” online, where men “shop” and choose the women that they would like to “date” for a fee. Essentially the service is prostitution, which the site promotes via testimonials such as “Women: never worry about money again!”

While there are no specific mentions of sexual services being performed through the service, it is strongly implied through the terminology used throughout the site, especially through the company’s blog - which mentions the number one reason for becoming a sugar daddy as “amazing sex with uninhibited sugar babies– and more of it!” Apple simply could have missed the (fairly obvious) hints at sexual services and mistaken the site for a legitimate dating service such as RSVP. Whoops.

According to the company, the SugarSugar Dating App will be available through both their website (potentially NSFW) and iTunes, will be compatible with all iOS devices and will also be coming to Android and BlackBerry. The app will use your phone’s GPS to find people close to your location looking for “mutually beneficial” arrangements, and display information that will help the involved people “arrange an effortless rendezvous. ”

It will no doubt be only a matter of time before this application is pulled from the App Store, possibly even before its June 1 launch.

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Mateus said,
I think I've seen some of those profile photos somewhere before... oh yes, in my Hotmail junk mail folder


Breach said,
Sounds very useful. Good thing I'm an Android user.

Yeah, they're aiming for Android too... Let's see how this will work out.

Northgrove said,

Yeah, they're aiming for Android too... Let's see how this will work out.

Can't you release pretty much anything on Android? lol

Meph said,
I'm confused. Is it an escorting app or a prostitution app?

It`s an escorting app extras if you wish to pay

Hardcore Til I Die said,

It's like sucky sucky five dollar at the massage parlour.

$5? Where do you go? lol I'm pretty sure they're more than $5

Maybe since the next iPhone has the ability to contain purchase information, not only can I use this app to find a hooker, but also use it to pay for it

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