Apple spent $500K on lobbying in Q1 2012; Google spent $5M

In the first quarter of this year, Apple has spent $500,000 on political lobbying in Washington, D.C., which is less than it spent on lobbying the year before, and a total that comes well short of the amounts spent on lobbying by rivals such as Google, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and more, reports Politico.

Politico's assessment is that Apple's refusal to engage the government on familiar terms when it comes to lobbying could become a roadblock for the tech company, which is facing increasing legal pressure from the Department of Justice in respect to its book publishing antitrust lawsuit, and from rivals with a litany of patent suits.

Jeff Miller, who served as a senior aide on the Senate Judiciary Committee's Antitrust Subcommittee for eight years, said that Apple's lack of lobbying could hurt the company. "I never once had a meeting with anybody representing Apple," Miller said. "There have been other tech companies who chose not to engage in Washington, and for the most part that strategy did not benefit them."

On the other end of the spectrum, Apple's rivals have pumped comparatively large sums into the political machine. Google has spent $5 million on lobbying over the same time period, while Microsoft spent $1.8 million, Hewlett-Packard spent $1.6 million, IBM spent $1.5 million, Intel spent $882,000 and Facebook spent $816,000. Even Dell outspent Apple with $620,000. Apple does not have a political action committee, unlike Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Despite the lack of apparent lobby funds, some Apple defenders say that the company prefers to work behind the scenes in a subtler fashion. An anonymous source familiar with Apple's D.C. operations said to Politico, "Yes, it is true that they don’t use the old Washington playbook. They don’t have a massive table of consultants and law firms. It is more low-key, but it is also respectful."

"They want to do this in a measured, respectful way," the source said.

Image Credit: Politico

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Hmm, company 'A' lobbies to keep a bunch of dangerous and crap laws from being passed. Company 'B' wants those laws to pass and therefor didn't have to lobby as much. Who's looking worse here again? I wouldn't be so quick to post articles trying to make Google look bad, Neowin.

Just because you're still stroking Steve Jobs doesn't mean the rest of us want to take part in it.

Who would you rather have lobbying for you- Apple or Google? I feel better knowing Google's pushing the big bucks on lobbying rather than Apple. We'd all be wearing berets and turtlenecks if Apple had its way.

What do the companies do with all the lobbying? It probably makes sense for Google and Microsoft to be lobbying with regards to laws about data privacy laws, net neutrality, etc. but then what about Dell? Intel? What are they lobbying for?

Anyway I think 3 months seems a bit short to get the big picture on how much each of the companies spend on lobbying.

Are Apple fans smug that they only spent 1 million less than Microsoft on lobbying?

In actual legislation that affects security and privacy issues, Microsoft has put out a lot of money to fight invasive laws that allow users to be exploited.

Do an experiment, Bing/Google these two different things:
Net Neutrality Apple
Net Neutrality Microsoft

Notice that one is spending money to protect consumers and the other is trampling user rights and consumer access to information. (Apple is not a friend to even their own customers.)

Add Google to the same search, notice that they have spent a LOT of money trying to get 'THEIR' version of net neutrality, that lets them limit internet access on Android devices with carrier deals.

If you dig, you will also find that Google spends a lot of money to protect their rights to read user data stored on their servers and have unfettered future access to the data as well.

Google is sometimes painted as a 'liberal' leaning company, but after 2006, they found that when they need rules bent, the conservatives are willing to help. They fall into the new thinking that it is ok to legislate and regulate people, but not corporations.

There is the work Google has been doing to get security regulations (that are already out of date) shifted so that Google's services would be allowed to qualify for Government contracts. Go read the recent Android deployments, and pushes to Google servers for Government data. Note the 'changes' in the security regulations that should not have been waved.

It has been the far liberal Democratic members that have been in opposition to Google's power and overreach in the past few years.

Sadly, it is the conservatives that are Google's friends in 'relaxing' government security standards so Google can make a profit, and monitor US operations. **

**Which is really crazy, when the conservatives knew that Google was selling information to both parties. However, it seems to have worked for conservatives, as Google has stopped selling data to liberals groups this past couple of years, and now Google is dumping tons of money in GOP superPACs and still providing them with information on the Democratic Party.

Information is power, and Google is starting to demonstrate this on an Orwellian scale.

(And Yes I feel like I should be in a bunker with a tinfoil hat on, but this is all public information.)

of course google, HP, IBM and MS spent more, they go for government contracts that people like Apple don't even thouch and will never touch because its outside the realm of what they do

While rivals like Google and Microsoft spent millions on lobbying in the first quarter of this year, Apple has spent a comparatively paltry $500,000

Microsoft's 1.8 million isn't millions

... because companies definitely disclose all the money they spend lobbying /s

I'd suspect that the more innocent the lobbying is the more transparent and disclosed it would be. We could speculate the big companies that spend less, might be using dirtier tactics. I'm not saying any company on this table is... but if you were it wouldn't be disclosed.

Enron said,
They don't need lobbying, they just indoctrinate politicians, like the reapers.

hate much???? stupid fanboys!! expected a comment from you.