Apple Store down for mysterious update; back up again [Update]

The Apple Store closed its virtual doors at around 9pm PDT last night, and according to CNET will be back with an update at around 1am PDT. Apple is renowned for the temporary outages before major updates are released to customers.

There's no word on what will be added to the store, but CNET speculates it could have to do with the iPhone ordering system - perhaps including the addition of an actual reservation system.

The outage likely has nothing to do with the anticipated Mac OS X Mavericks release, which is expected to be announced on the 22nd of October, alongside a 5th generation iPad refresh which is expected to house an A7X 64-bit processor, adapted from the A7 in the iPhone 5s, and an improved 8MP camera. We may also see an iPad mini refresh where the 7.9-inch device may finally receive a resolution bump with the addition of a 'retina' display.

In any case, we'll update this article when the store comes back online with whatever new features it brings.

Update: It's back online, but we don't see any new products!

Source: CNET

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Other sites said its about the new iPad coming out, supposedly 64bit. Big deal. No one will even notice it.

I now own both an iPad 2 and an Android tablet. I FAR prefer the Android tablet. A few years ago I didn't care for Android, but they have come a long ways since then.

Android isn't severely crippled like iOS is. iOS is the same thing over and over and over every year. They recently released iOS 7, but its still the same thing, just different icons... the same thing.

But I probably should stop now, the last time I complained about Apple I got a warning from a moderator, who obviously is an Apple fan.

Why is this frot page news, for a website to go down, ( and I like apple) not even when Neowin goes down is it front page news...

blade1269 said,
Why is this frot page news, for a website to go down, ( and I like apple) not even when Neowin goes down is it front page news...

Neowin going down has been front page news before... mainly explaining why they lose a SQL Server or why they are having issues after it came back up

It'll probably be just for maintenance. The only reason they take it down around events is for hype I imagine!!

And I'm really hoping for an iPad mini with a retina display. If they do that, my wallet will be theirs. My iPad 2 is showing its age and it starting to feel very heavy!

Sometimes it actually only is maintenance, though.

If there's anything about products, my guess would be MacBook updates.

Not Mac Pro, because that's supposed to be unveiled later on the event, as well as new iPads and OS X Mavericks. The rumor curiously left out MacBooks though, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a simple store update for those.

Andre said,
Zomg, such breaking news and hype about nothing... -____-

Ah well, it doesn't say "BREAKING NEWS" anywhere in the article..