Apple strikes again to halt iPhone jailbreaking

Apple's latest update to OSX, 10.5.6, includes an impressive list of performance and bug fixes but hidden amongst the latest and greatest is that 10.5.6 disables the Pwnage tool, making you unable to jailbreak or unlock your iPhone or iPod Touch with Mac OSX.

The update prevents jailbreaking by disabling the software at the OS level. Apple is stopping 10.5.6 Mac's from recognizing the device in DFU (device firmware update) mode by using new code that affects the USB ports on Apple computers at the driver level and how they interact with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Apple is constantly caught up in a cat and mouse game with the iPhone dev team, a group that has successfully jailbroken the iPhone and iPod Touch to allow 3rd party applications that are not listed on Apple's official AppStore. At the time of writing the dev team has not commented on Apple's latest trick.

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Apple is treading of ice, the unlocking tool is an app, you can choose to install it or not. It isn't up to the manufacture to decide what you use and what you can't.

The funny thing is the workaround is as simple as using a USB hub. As long as you don't directly connect to the Macs USB port you'll be able to get to DFU mode and jailbreak. Easy.

Just like what Microsoft is doing with the WGA. But WGA is different as you can install any product, MS or otherwise, you just have to be valid. Apple seems to like to limit people in what they can and cannot use whether or not its legit/legal or not. This isnt cool.

Regardless, just like WGA...someone will come out with a new hack/program to jailbreak iphones...

Just like WGA, I wish companies would stop wasting time and effort by putting these "features" into the operating system. It's actually near infuriating to think that they should be trying to give me, the customer, a better experience and more efficient system. Instead they spend time and waste my computing resources (even if slightly) with this garbage.

I hated WGA, but at least with WGA Microsoft had a justification that could be used: WGA was an attempt to prevent people from stealing their product. There's no justification for this. People bought the iPhone already, so let them do what they want with it.

(For the record, I do not use an iPhone, but I do use a Mac.)

Ledgem said,
People bought the iPhone already, so let them do what they want with it.

Stevie Jobsie is nothing more than a mere tyrant with his products. You can't upgrade this, or do that. People paid for the damn thing but it is under your control. Seems like a hidden conspiracy if he keeps this up which leads to nowhere. Just let the baby have his bottle until the Dev Team works their way around or use a Windows machine. They can't even fix that DNS flaw from a few months back and they badmouth Microsoft. At least they fix their products at all.

ok, now I'm drifting away from the topic. Point being that he can have his bottle but soon he'll be weened from it and use a big boy cup.

Apple never gives in trying to stop the jailbreaking, I don't think Apple will win the war as they will always find a way around it somehow.

Does it work on Windows? If so, people will just use windows to hack them if they want to. I don't see this stopping anything?!

lol apple failed again, the pwnage tool is only used to create and image, a mac user can simply download the jail broken image and restore the phone using it. They haven't stopped anything.