Apple sued for Retina Display ghosting

YouTube user berryloui posted the above video of a ghosting issue affecting his MacBook's display. 

A disgruntled Retina MacBook Pro owner has launched a class action lawsuit against Apple for allegedly misleading users about LG panels that suffered from ghosting issues. The suit claims Apple made no effort to distinguish between LG panels and Samsung panels, the latter of which have had far fewer reported issues.

Beau Hodges, the MacBook owner in question, has filed the suit in a Federal court in California. Hodges suggests that Apple should have made the issue more public and allowed customers to choose between models with different displays before purchasing:

The electronics giant must know about the differences between the two versions because it spent a considerable amount of time testing the products during research and development and has been inundated with complaints from customers about the LG screen's problems.

The performance disparity between the LG version and the Samsung version is particularly troubling given that Apple represents the MacBook Pro with retina display as a single, unitary product, described as the highest quality notebook display on the market. None of Apple's advertisements or representations disclose that it produces the computers with display screens that exhibit different levels of performance and quality.

A class action lawsuit, also referred to as "representative action," is a form of lawsuit brought forward by a large group of people sharing a single claim. In this case, many users who have suffered issues with their products will make a shared claim against Apple.

On Apple's forum, a support thread about the issue holds more than 7,000 posts across 500 pages.

Source: Law360 via MacRumors | Image via Wikimedia

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Which is a question I've had in the back of my mind for a while, why did they go down the retina route when super amoled already had proven itself...?
I don't buy the 'costing' argument, Apple isn't exactly a small startup business.

Retina isn't a technology, it's a specification. Once the technology is ready then there is no reason you wont see Retina OLED displays.

Right now OLED displays are very expensive to produce, have issues with certain colours and have a fairly short lifespan.

Are OLED displays that are laptop sized even being mass produced by anyone yet?

laugh and a half reading that support thread. out with the notion that you pay extra for higher build quality...

Apple makes horrible computers anyway, OSX hasn't been substantially updated in 4 years and its a terrible OS anyway - do yourself a favor and wipe away OSX and install Windows.

Apple only sell the same machine over and over as they make the majority of their money from iphone and ipad customers, computers are an afterthought to them so putting out a substandard product is something they don't mind when it comes to this market - simply sell to the cult that will keep apologizing and make excuses yet keep buying the same garbage.

I had the same issue with mine, I don't own it any more. Sad because it was really a nice notebook! The ghosting was really not what I expected from Apple at all, not from something costing so much for its 'main feature' being the screen!

I have to say that i have had two LG panels for 5-6 years and they haven't ghosted or otherwise been acting crappy ever. I gave one away and they haven't had any problem. None of the two was a retina or that thin though.

On the other hand, i can say that at least the MBPs don't get the UEFI bricked when trying to install Linux on them. And i say this with all the love for my Galaxy, Samsung can do stuff a lot worse.

It's common practice to mislead consumer about the tft panel sold, you believe that you buy a particular model, then you end with an other.
Great that customer decided to sue apple, but not sure it would have any impact.

This is good, I had three retina laptop and had this issue but handled this with a good IT rep at the store. I gave him a burn in tool and he tested it and saw it in store after 10 minutes.

He ordered me a Samsung panel and installed in for me at zero charge. Both displays look great but the burn it a HUGE defect and really terrible control.

More information about what I did and and how to go about it listed here:

LauRoman said,
ScreenGhost coast-to... cost?

and now I have a modified Harvey Birdman opening running through my head, but don't feel the need to share

Hah, thanks.

Apple are at fault here, they should replace the laptop with one that works correctly. Or refund the money. You do pay more for an apple laptop spec for spec compared to other machines. But i like my MacBook Pro and i would not have non apple laptop.

Apple is clearly at fault anyone can see this. You do not ever change brands inside a product that has such a different look - spec - feature ect

TurboShrimp said,
You do not ever change brands inside a product that has such a different look - spec - feature ect

Samsung has done this with Windows Phones

TurboShrimp said,
Apple is clearly at fault anyone can see this. You do not ever change brands inside a product that has such a different look - spec - feature ect

Err what? This is standard business. You source the panels for displays from whomever has them in stock...