Apple to launch iOS 7 on Sept. 18

Apple may be launching new iPhone models later this month but the company is also releasing its latest version of its iOS mobile operating system in September as well. The company announced today at its iPhone press event in its Cupertino, California headquarters that iOS 7 will be released for free on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

Apple first announced some of the features in iOS 7 in June as part of its WWDC event. Today, Engadget reports that iOS 7 will support iPhone 4 smartphones and above, along with Pad 2 tablets and above, the iPad mini and the current fifth-generation version of the iPod Touch. Apple also announced today that its iWork suite of software programs (Keynote, Pages and Numbers) will now be free on all new iOS devices.

Among the new features in iOS 7 are a new UI design that includes flatter icons, a new way to search, an improved way to group images in Photos, the new iTunes Radio feature and more. Apple has even added a male voice for the first time to its Siri voice recognition system.

Apple also said that in October, the company expects to ship its 700 millionth iOS hardware product, about six and a half years since the launch of the first iPhone in spring 2007.

Source: Engadget | Image via Apple

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I went WP8 after being on iOS for almost 5 years but I'm excited for this to come to my iPad. The look and feel is one of the biggest reasons I went to WP8 anyway, and this will be similar now. I think a huge thing is the free iWork suite being on new devices - this attacks Windows 8 tablets directly, and makes the value of something like Surface diminished.

That new quick access panel is the ugliest UI I've ever seen. No conformity of buttons or text color. Semi transparent, but blurred heavily, allowing blurry bright colors to bleed in and black text on dark backgrounds. Horrible!

Heck the whole overall UI has no uniformity at all. There's round buttons, square buttons, squarish buttons, sliders, arrows, text-only buttons. If you look at shots of the different core apps alone they all look like they were created by totally different companies.

Maybe I've just grown used to Windows Phone's UI, but geeze, how could anyone like that much mess?

I'm a little disappointed that iOS7 won't be available for the iPod Touch 4th generation. It really isn't that old..

Tim Cook; "iOS 7 will quickly become the world's most popular operating system." #notanos #delusional

Last I checked it's an app launcher at best. Android would be more of an OS and there's quite a few more of those around...

Uh? How is iOS (any version) not an OS?
Do you even understand what an operating is?

iOS, Android, and Windows Phones are all operating systems. As is Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Blackberry QNX, Symbian, etc. etc.

Arguably Android is a modified Linux, and iOS is a modified Mac OS X, and Windows Phone is a modified Windows, but that doesn't make them "just an app launcher".

The OS is made up of the kernel, drivers, IO subsystems, and then (finally) on top of everything, the GUIs and App Launchers. iOS has all of these, and they're all unique to the platform (which, aside from needing an ARM CPU, is why you can't run iOS Apps on Mac OS X).

While I completely disagree with Tim Cook's statement that iOS 7 will be the most popular mobile operating system (That title does definitely belong to Android), you can't say it isn't an OS, because it is.

If you consider Tim Cook's comment in context, he probably means "Most popular single version of an OS", which might be true. Considering I know people still running Android 2.2 (ew), and the high adoption rates of iOS 7...

Fair enough. When I say "Linux" I'm using the term to describe Linux based operating systems or derived distributions, Ubuntu, Slackware, Arch, Fedora, etc., without being specific, because this is a fairly common way of describing it.

When I said Android was a "modified Linux", I mean it shares the same core (the Linux Kernel) and many of the libraries of a desktop Linux distribution. Just as iOS and Mac OS X share the Mach kernel, and many similar libraries, and Windows Phone uses the NT Kernel, and shares many libraries with Windows 7/8.

GM will likely be up for devs tonight. They're being clever and releasing iOS 7 before launching the new phones. Last time they were issues with activations because so many people upgraded!

And leave developers with no time to submit their updated apps? Yeah, that sounds like an amazing idea you have there.

Seems like a fine upgrade. Nothing earth shattering, but what do you expect from a mature platform like iOS/iPhone? Your not going to scrap it all and start over just for the sake of it.

Some people don't like the flatter style, but maybe it will grow on them.

I agree with you wholeheartedly and look forward to upgrading my iPhone 5 and iPad, but it is a bit disappointing, but maybe it has a few surprises under the hood. Good thing, all my apps should run even better and that's why I still have them, the apps.

Yeah, I see the same thing happening to Google with Android and eventually it will hit Windows Phone just as it hit Windows years ago (regarding the desktop platform).

As these platforms mature, companies are going to feel less motivated to do something drastic, and users will be less open to massive changes. So you will see more evolutionary changes that fix issues and make reasonable improvements.

WP is actually the mobile OS most likely to get more 'revolutionary' changes since its has not reached that maturity level yet and its app library is still growing, not leveling off.

JHBrown said,
Looking forward to this phone. Thought I'd post a positive before the usual negatives come pouring in.

I was more thrown that you posted a positive about something... YAY!

bguy_1986 said,
Remember where they stole it from... Windows Phone!

you mean the 'cheapness' in appearance? i disagree. windows phones win. hands down.

timster said,
I'm sure the GM will be leaked before then. It happened with iOS4, 5 and 6

Needs to happen soon. My iphone 5 with IOS 6 has been giving me issues and I want to wipe it, but it would be better to wipe it and have a nice fresh install of IOS 7

Places are saying Friday the 18th, the 18th is a weds.

Oct 18th is a Friday. Maybe they're waiting an entire month

Hope those kids camped outside of the Apple stores waiting to buy a phone virtually identical to the one they are already using don't run out of supplies.