Apple to strike gold with next iPhone's new color

Nobody saw this coming until little by little the rumors and component leaks emerged on the Internet, and tonight it looks like we finally have confirmation. Traditionally offering the iPhone in just black and white since 2008, Apple will apparently be adding gold as a third color option for iPhone customers.

MG Siegler of TechCrunch got the scoop from some inside sources and tonight declared that a gold iPhone is, in fact, in the works. There are still a few unanswered questions though. Since Apple is expected to unveil two new iPhones next month -- the iPhone 5S and lower-end iPhone 5C -- it might be possible that the gold will only be available for one of them. Traditionally, Apple tends to get more colorful with lower-end products that don't have as much of a premium feel, however a gold iPhone 5S could act as a decent differentiator from the iPhone 5.

In keeping with the theme Apple started in 2012 to have two-tone color options like black and slate gray, it appears the gold will be mixed with a white front panel and white strips on the top and bottom of the back. Personally, I think gold and black would look more sophisticated, but with the overwhelming amount of white present in iOS 7, perhaps black hardware wouldn't complement the white software as nicely.

It'll definitely be interesting to see the feedback Apple gets if the gold iPhone is truly unveiled and if it will be a popular color option among consumers.

Source: TechCrunch | Image via iMore

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This phone will be HUGE for women aged between 12 and 60. I was in a cafe today and asked the young girls sitting beside me about a Gold iPhone, I showed them a pic on my iPad and both of the girls already had iPhones, they said that yes, they would buy this colour iPhone. It will be huge.

... A golden looking iPhone... The humanity's IQ is about to decrease again, so let's grab some popcorn and watch the idiots go bat**** crazy! xD

Black and gold would have looked much better, truly.
not really feeling the white and gold. but i can see the point about matching IO7, again, which i am not really liking.

then again, i had all the iphones up to 4S, however, i switched another brand / OS and after 1-2 months of adjusting and getting used to... i dont think i am coming back to apple anytime soon...

now they messed with the looks, the main thing that they had.. its mostly just apps left... apple still has the most / better apps. we will see for how long.

I'll wait and see for the real release. Honestly if this is true, it seems a bit tacky for Apple and not really something they would seem to do. iPhone theft is already huge, this would just add more fuel to the fire.
What I have been thinking though would be awesome if Apple could do, and is something they have done in the past is offer different back plate options. Allow the user to select either a black or white iPhone and choose either a secondary color on the back, glass, or aluminum. Could be a small but nice addition to the customization of the phone.

And in other news, cell phone thefts have gone up recently, with "Gold" iPhone's being reported as most stolen.

I personally think it's ugly and gaudy, but if someone else likes it; to each his own.

Maybe they should make the volume buttons out of diamonds, just to give that extra bit of flair

Amongst us folks, this is an abomination. However I suspect this will sell very well in certain regions and a number of demographics. Hell even my sister who is a slave to buying iPhones, always buys the most tacky / bawdy cases she can find. I guarantee that she will be lusting after this...

Girls will love it, people who like bling will love it. KK will get one! Kanye..I want the new gold iPhone! With the big GB's and the Wi-Fi's.

It will sell well in China.... really well.
Good work Apple, this is innovation..Who else is making a gold bling phone right now?

Edited by derekaw, Aug 19 2013, 5:09am :

For twice the price get the special blood gold edition. Garanteed that at least 3 people have died for your iPhone.

droolingmonkey said,
That looks truly awful. Maybe, _maybe_ it might look better if it were ALL gold, instead of white and gold, but even then, yuck.

You've got to be kidding me... It would look hideous with a lot or a little.

even more girls...the type with massive hooped ear rings....will be buying iPhones.

How's it feel to be in such company iCrowd?

nobody panic. apple is just targeting every point in the market. be prepared to see these on the real housewives shows

I had to make sure it wasn't April 1st. Ugh, even if they are mockups, I can't imagine the thing having gold on it. Gaudy and just all kinds of faux pas. Apple, what are you smoking over there?

While I don't see Apple dropping off the face of the Earth, this is just another 'bleh' in the post-Jobs era. Not pretty.

Uhhh... maybe Siegler got the lingo mixed up? Apple is about to drop their "Golden Release" of iOS7. Did Siegler get confused and thing it meant a "golden iPhone"?

If the above rendering and this rumor is true, it would be fugly, despite it having a golden shell. Probably better off melting the gold and copper and selling those for a nice profit in today's gold market.

Gold should assist the iFlogs in standing out from their own sameness nicely. Looks fracking hideous though!!!

It's official. Apple design team have lost their mind. First a vomit colored iPhone and now this. This is even more gaudy than those cheap versions. Nothing screams tacky more than an aluminum phone dyed golden. I think even the iSheep have enough brain cells left to find this phone hideous.

Wonder what the next iMac is going to look like. Bedazzled anyone

"Living here in Asia for the past six years I can add to the idea that this color is primarily for the Asian Market. The Champaign or Gold-ish colors are hugely popular over here as Asians are fashion (think status) crazy about most everything that signifies wealth."

I wonder where did you spend your last six years because being an Asian and living my whole life here, I have yet to see one golden phone or in fact any any gold colored gadget. Asia has never been the primary market for Apple since most people can't afford smartphones let alone an iPhone. The tiny percentage who can generally go for large screens, megapixels flashy gimmicks, namely the Galaxies and lately Lumias.

Doubtful, unless there's a small chance Apple designates the gold color for buyers of the higher-end iPhones with more storage. But I don't think the color alone would yield a higher price point.

George Tinari said,
But I don't think the color alone would yield a higher price point.
Not with normal phone companies, but come one. This is Apple we're talking about! Everyone's got to pay the fair and just Apple Tax.

Gabotrilius said,
If this is true, I'm getting a Lumia on September 11th at the very morning.

Why September 11th? If you are going by rumors, traditionally when Apple announces a new iPhone, the preorder is available that Friday (September 13th) and then the following Friday is day of release (September 20th).

Gabotrilius said,
If this is true, I'm getting a Lumia on September 11th at the very morning.

You're better off waiting for the next Lumia flagship which should be announced around the same time.

hipporama said,

You're better off waiting for the next Lumia flagship which should be announced around the same time.

Exactly, I am waiting for Lumia Note. Its around the corner with quad core processor, 1080P display and a wacom pen.

Gabotrilius said,
If this is true, I'm getting a Lumia on September 11th at the very morning.

Because you think gold will be the ONLY option?

haha no, because I switched to Apple because they (used to) have good taste and Microsoft was smoking crack (Windows Vista, Zune, Kin...). If iOS 7 and this fugly bling bling iPhone for gangsters are the future of the platform, I prefer the excitement of being a (sort of) early adopter, get a Lumia 1020 and a hybrid PC/Tablet and enjoy the good old times all over again.