Apple TV to show YouTube content

The popular YouTube video website will soon be available directly through Apple's TV set-top box.

Apple says that starting from mid-June, Apple TV users will be able to automatically stream YouTube content onto their televisions.

At present, Apple TV users can only access content stored in Apple's iTunes music and video library system.

The move may raise copyright issues for Apple, as YouTube faces a number of infringement lawsuits.

View: BBC News

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Actually, all content will be recoded in H.264. That's why it will take until fall to make all videos available. I don't know if the quality will improve much for the existing movies, but new ones will be converted immediatly to H2.64 so that will probably make a difference.

So with this addition you will be able to stream a crappy flash-encoded video on to your 42-inch HDTV. Nice. :confused: