Apple unveils OS X 'Mavericks'

Apple today announced OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" at its WWDC conference, focused on extending battery life and making the general Mac experience smoother. Mavericks is quite the departure from the company's signature desktop operating system naming convention, which previously took big cats as inspiration.

Finder Tabs

It's long been an issue on the Mac; multiple Finder windows would float around your screen, dodging behind other windows and causing confusion. Now Finder has tabs, just like a web browser. Documents can be dragged from one tab to another, tabs can be dragged out of the window to create an independent window and existing windows can be condensed back into tabs.


Documents, images and media content can now use tags for easy categorising and searching. While the Spotlight feature has always been met positive critical acclaim, finding specific documents without delving into folder after folder has been very difficult before now. With the ability to tag documents, a single Finder window can be opened and documents are categorised under default or custom tags.

Multiple Displays

As early as OS X Lion, Apple introduced full screen applications to its desktop OS. It was, however, frequently useless when using multiple displays. Now, however, you can independently browse between your spaces (desktop environments) on each display, and most notably conduct operations within a full screen application whilst leaving your other desktops untouched.

Extending your Mac's screen real estate through AirPlay to an Apple TV has also been improved. Your TV can now act as a true, full-resolution external display with its own spaces and full-screen apps.


Mavericks also includes significant upgrades to Safari, including improved bookmarking, performance updates and a cleaner design. "App Nap" means that power-intensive animations, ads or videos playing in a background browser window won't eat up your battery.

Maps, iBooks & Calendar

Finally, Mavericks will bring both Maps and iBooks to the desktop, with new stock apps included in the update. You'll notice Apple's mapping platform is significantly faster and more accurate than when it was first unveiled. iBooks will also be appearing on the desktop, with the store integrated into the existing App Store desktop environment. 

Calendar offers a significantly flatter and cleaner design than the skeuomorphic mess we're used to. OS X chief Craig Federighi made sarcastic references to the previous designs of Mac applications pioneered by Scott Forstall, saying, "The Calendar app stays there even without that stitching, amazing, right? virtual cows were harmed in the making of this app."

OS X Mavericks is available today as a developer preview and will be available this fall for the general public.

Stay tuned to Neowin for all further WWDC 2013 updates.

Images via Engadget

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what exactly you dont like in ios7?
I have it installed on my iphone 5 and I love it so far. A bit laggy of course because it's the beta 1 but I knew it before install.

Meh. Just meh....

Apple is slipping. Sure, there are some nice new features, but most of the stuff is very thin.
Finder tabs: nice, but small. Dual monitor: really???? iBooks on your Mac: really?? iRadio: welcome to 2013! all your docs in the cloud: Hello 2013...... iWorks online: lolz from Google and MS. New looks of calender stuff etc: Everything I wanted to copy, and did anyway...
etc. etc.

It's all catching up, not even starting about iOS7...

Most of the new "features" being implemented are a little meh for me too but... I still prefer the path Apple are taking with OSX than I do Microsoft are with Windows 8.

alright, so now stop kidding and show me new real improvements other than multiply sharing (what should be for begining like that), I don't want just few apps from iPhone more after updates from Lion to Maverick XD

I hope they'll make Maverick faster and more stable than Mountain Lion.

I really hope they either add more features before launch or make this update free. I'd hate to pay for Finder tabs and a fixed Calendar skin.

When you look up 'underwhelming' in the dictionary, all it has is a link to OS X Mavericks.
At least the Calendar looks good.

LoL... the update should be called OSX "Blue". Microsoft's update for Windows 8 Blue is by far more feature packed than this.

dbam987 said,
LoL... the update should be called OSX "Blue". Microsoft's update for Windows 8 Blue is by far more feature packed than this.

It's true, but Microsoft isn't really getting into hardware whereas Apple is very much into both.

It looks like they still have some work to do on the UI, I find it odd that OS X and iOS are so different.

Not that making something look like the new iOS UI is necessarily a good thing.

While I'm not sold on the new color palette of IOS7 I do wish that they would apply the minimalistic features and interface to OSX. I'm sure they will in a future update.

singularity87 said,
It looks like they still have some work to do on the UI, I find it odd that OS X and iOS are so different.

Not that making something look like the new iOS UI is necessarily a good thing.

I think they will change the ui: ibooks icon is flat, osx logo have the same design as ios7. And it would be superstrange if osx keeps the old ios design elements and icons while the new ios have completely different things.

Finder tabs FINALLY!!! Should have had them years ago but at the same time I'm glad they are finally here so

That's both a good and a bad thing. Good because of how bad iOS 7 looks. Bad because the two designs are now inconsistent.

I suspect we'll see more of the iOS 7 look creep in before the final release. But then that seems very Microsoft. Doesn't stuff look fairly final before Apple lets us see it? I think I debated against myself there.

"Mavericks" aka "We ran out of big cats to use and can't go to OS XI because this update isn't that big and we're not done milking OS X yet".

Avataarew said,
Waiting until OS X 'Icemen' or possibly OS X 'Vipers'

Based on the response today, I'd say we're looking at OS X Goose...

OMG!!!! They are storing my credit card on their servers, maps to keep track of my location, books to keep track of what I read, calendars to keep track of what I am doing. They are going to give this to the NSA and we know Apple is in bed with them. And "Mavericks," you know who else had the nickname "Maverick?" John McCain, he is part of the government and this proves a unbreakable link between Apple and the government. They are going to destroy my life!!!

And they said they have shipped 28 million copies of OSX ML. How many of those are sitting on store shelves? How many people have downgraded to Lion? How many of those copies did Tim Cook personally buy to bring up those numbers? I demand that they open their books, because these numbers are obviously faked.

And for the changes, bring the tablet/phone to a desktop? Using a flat look? Obviously this is DOA and Apple has lost it. I don't want a mobile OS on my desktop computer. They obviously are not listening to their users. This is the end of Apple.