Apple updates iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro

As expected Apple has upgraded a few of its products today. New updates to the Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro are now live on Apple's website. You can check out the new products here.

Apple has kept to its standard of upgrading the specs of but not the prices. It's a tried and true business model for Apple and there is no cause for deviation now.

The new upgrades will help keep Apple products at a more competitive price point. As the economic downturn continues consumers will be spending less and retailers need to keep the offers attractive so that consumers feel that they are getting a good value.

New Product Breakdown:

Mac Mini updates:

$600 - $800 base configuration

2.0GHz Core 2 Duo processors
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics
8x SuperDrives
1-2GB of RAM
120 or 320 GB hard drive

Mac Pro updates:

Price Range

$2499 - $3299 base configuration

Quad Core or 8 Core Nehalem CPUs
3-6 GB of RAM
640GB hard drive space
NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 with 512MB
18x double-layer SuperDrive

iMac Updates:

Price Range $1199- $2199 base configuration

Core 2 Duo from 2.66 - 3.06
2-4GB of RAM
320GB-1TB of hard drive space
All have 8x double-layer SuperDrive
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics, NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 with 256MB memory, or NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 with 512MB memory GPUs

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Woops...double post. Well, I'll use this opportunity to modify my statement. Apple isn't sad, they are freaken marketing pioneers... now their consumers on the other hand....well...

I am. IMO this is the most important machine for Apple since 2-3 years. Why? Simply because it's the machine who will make them get all the switchers.

iMacs are insane machines, but at a price. The advantage of the Mac Mini remains, but it's losing nearly all of it with such a poor upgrade. For the basic config, I was thinking more along the lines of :
2.33 GHz C2D
2GB of DDR3

The base mini should have been priced at $499 and the "high end" one should have been about $100 extra as the only difference is a gig of RAM and a bigger hard drive.

PsykX said,
I am. IMO this is the most important machine for Apple since 2-3 years. Why? Simply because it's the machine who will make them get all the switchers.

Exactly! Its what made me switch. I would love to get a higher end mac but simply cant afford it, maybe some day. I would of considered selling my current mini for the upgraded one and pay the difference. But seeing the upgrade they gave it now, I can do just about do all the upgrades to my current mini for cheaper

Does no one else besides me feel that the iMac should only include pure desktop components (instead of mobile parts)? Why doesn't Apple get the fact that lots of people need a machine between the iMac and the other expensive luxury item?

well it looks like the applefans aren't happy today, judging by the comments here and elsewhere, i can understand why though... $949.00 CDN, can't forget taxes so, $1100 not including applecare? what the f*ck, pricing only goes up from there...

Apple has once again failed to fill in that Gaping Hole in their desktop lineup (between the iMac and the Mac Pro). What makes it all the more galling is that a Q9xxx-based mid-tower-style Mac (Performa II, anyone?) could be built VERY easily using (except for the processor) parts ALREADY in Apple's bins!

Clueless, Mister Jobs (still).

Yes, as per all other Intel chip releases ALL of the major vendors will have their units at the same time. Remember that Apple just uses rebranded stock PC motherboards in their computers. The last iteration of the Mac Pro uses Tyan server motherboards, for example. Moreover, Intel will also be shipping Nehalem Xeons with 8 cores each. Just search Google and you'll see Supermicro, etc. all with Nehalem ready motherboards on the market now and/or imminently.

Is there much use for a number pad at the side when there are numbers at the top?

I'm just wondering as I have never used those number pads at the side, I always use the ones at the top, yet I know some people who always use the ones at the side but never the ones at the top.

These are the questions I am asking myself right now:

Does anyone use both?
Is there need for both?
Which one would be better to keep - numbers at the top or numbers at the side?

I have never used a number pad either. It's my understanding that only data entry people in business offices use them. Anyone else know of another group that uses these?

Mac Pro top of the line, $20,429.95 CDN, not including taxes, i wonder if the shipping is free lol, think i'll buy a skidoo and work on my igloo for awhile instead... :P

artfuldodga said,
Mac Pro top of the line, $20,429.95 CDN, not including taxes, i wonder if the shipping is free lol, think i'll buy a skidoo and work on my igloo for awhile instead... :P

For that price I'd want intercourse with Steve.

$2599 (up from $1899) for the baseline iMac, which has a nVidia 9400? I can by an i7 (with 4GB RAM and 1TB hard-drive) machine here for less than that (and I know this because we brought one last week at work).

And now the number pad is missing on your wired keyboard?

Thanks for the update Apple, and now I've seen what you've got to offer, it's safe to say you won't be getting any of my money.

Just looked at Dell UK and for the price of the "high end" Mini, £649, you can get a i7 920/2GB/500GB/ATI HD 3450 never mind for the price of an iMac.

I have to admit that Apple does have some reliable systems but fak in heaven, the prices are just flipping ridiculous.

I was going to get a Mac Mini, but no way on earth I'm paying $A1049 for it. I'll be sticking with a Windows 7 PC, which will be faster for less money. I'm very disappointed.

Glad they did updates but where is the Quad-core chips in the Imacs? And man the Mini should have 5.1 audio, I love my current Mini hooked up to the LCD tv and if it had good surround sound I would jump onto a new one in a minute. Big ass TV, Mini with ram boosted, Logitech 5500's connected via fiber cable. Toss in Boxee and you have the best and smallest media center out there.

I certainly won't be buying an iMac this year.

The iMac updates are a joke. Especially for Canadians!

$200 price increase for speed bumps and larger HD's, and slightly better graphics.

My Core Duo (2006) is still kicking, and will be even better with Snow Leopard.

The new Macbook Pro seems like a good deal now, since the prices stayed the same. Might get one of them + a cinema display which pretty much = an iMac, but portable :)

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