Apple updates its Chinese website following counterfeit charger electrocutions

Buy genuine, and don't get electrocuted.

Following the electrocution of a Chinese woman, Ma Ailun, 23, earlier this month, Apple has updated its Chinese Apple website with a prominent message urging users to only use official chargers to power their iDevices. Allun was found dead still holding an iPhone 4, still plugged-in for charging, with burns on her hand and foot; only a few days later, another similar incident involving a Chinese man, was left in a coma after connecting his iPhone 4 to a counterfeit charger.

The site now displays a link to a guide and the following translated message:

Apple always put the user's safety first, so all of our products are subject to stringent safety and reliability testing, and designed to meet government safety standards around the world, including for the iPhone and iPad USB power adapter,

The guide shows images including the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, the iPad 3 and 4th-gen, as well as the iPad mini. 

This overview will help you identify genuine Apple USB power adapter. When you need to charge the iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you use the random standard USB power adapter and USB cable. These adapters and cables are also available separately from Apple and Apple Authorized Resellers,

Apple said of both incidents that they are "deeply saddened", and "will fully investigate and co-operate with authorities in [both] matter[s]".

Source: ITProPortal | Image via Apple

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Sweet! If I buy a knock off Samsung TV that ends up catching fire and burning my house down, I can blame Samsung for having what I feel is a 600% mark up. Screw saving up money...

If companies like apple didn't charge such obscene prices for cables, batteries and chargers this problem would be much smaller.

The chinese govt is also responsible, their product safety laws are abysmal.

Apple may have exuberant pricing, but their chargers have gotten praise from even the non-apple-loving techie due to their design and quality manufacturing. I never order 3rd party chargers or batteries. If I do happen to get a 3rd party I always tear it apart before plugging it in to verify I won't end up like these Chinese folks who tried to save $15.

Nonsense. No they don't. This absolute crud keeps getting posted and it's wholly untrue. You only need to look at the 3rd party knockoffs, they are different - different parts, different bodies, different components.

Spicoli: You have no idea what you are talking about. I could compare some of the 3rd party chargers I have to the genuine ones - different shape, different components, different builds. Apple do not have patents no, this is not about patents, so why bring that up? This is about build quality and safety. They may both "do" the same thing, but the cheaper ones most certainly look, feel and are built a lot cheaper!

I don't believe it was a 3rd party product. For years, on every single apple product I have owned or even friends, I can feel the current flowing through the metal parts of the devices. Example. Plug two iPhone in, hold one in your hand and the other run your other hands finger along the metal part (or a MacBook) and you will feel the current flowing through your finger to the other device.

If you look at the photos that are floating around, it's 100% a fake charger. With a dodgy adapter too.

And you will feel that because they're ungrounded. The problem here is when the isolation between mains and LV circuits fails - which will not happen with an Apple charger (there's a reason they're so expensive).

Theres a reason they are so expensive? Want to tell me the exact reason? Strangley I have worked for a manufacturer who made Sony Ericsson chargers back in the day and making them costs a fracture what Apple asks for them, the quality is pretty much the same since then.

Please dont try to make them to be something they are not, they are not made out of silver or gold nor are they any better in quality than any other big OEMs chargers.

I'll go through a couple (all from official stores):

Apple £15:
Sony £19.99:
HTC £17: http://www.htcaccessorystore.c...x?i=204714&phone=204561
Blackberry: €23:

I could go on. My maths might be rusty, but if you buy an official charger, from an official outlet - Apple's is actually the cheapest. When I was saying there's a reason they're more expensive - I meant OEM chargers, not just Apple's ones.

Theres a reason they are so expensive? Want to tell me the exact reason?

Please, just stop! There is ZERO quality control on most 3rd party products, they DO NOT come from the same factory using the same parts. They all look different, have different markings, use different components - you can tell just by looking. So your suggestion they are the same is outright wrong.

Moreover, if you buy genuine Apple products, you keep your warranty - that comes at a price. Argue the warranty is pointless ass you want, but when it comes to a genuine apple accessory breaking a faulty apple product - that warranty becomes important.

Spicoli said,
There certainly is QC on third party product. Some are often better than the OEM products. Just because there's some junk knockoffs doesn't mean they all are.

OEM products go through intensive safety certifications. Read the bottom of one of the box the charger or dock comes in and there is a good list of certs. These things are very expensive to get and there are A LOT of them to get to ensure the products is certified for world-wide distribution.

A knock-off will absolutely NOT have the same safety and quality standards as OEM.

No - you make a fair comment, and I will give you that some 3rd party accessories are great. The £3 chargers, they don't fall into that category!

Yup - if you can sell for £3 per unit, unless you're selling one to every human being alive, you can't absorb the cost of testing and compliance with regulations.

So, where's that dude who tried to hang me out to dry for suggesting the issue with the charger in question was that it was a 3rd party unofficial product?

Pretty much my opinion as well. I've saw so many dodgy iPhone chargers at my old job (usually sold by market traders in East Ham) - and they were of such poor quality it's unreal.

Yeah the knock offs do come from there, so it's more likely to happen

Edit: Comments cleaned. Quit the trolling!

Edited by Steven P., Jul 26 2013, 10:47am :

Nik Louch said,
So, where's that dude who tried to hang me out to dry for suggesting the issue with the charger in question was that it was a 3rd party unofficial product?

After reading this i looked over at my chinese phone charger...and i wondered...