Apple will staff Best Buy with their own employees

Apple will staff Best Buy locations selling its computers with its own employees in a similar fashion as the company has done with its displays at many CompUSA stores.

The Apple-badged workers, or Apple Solutions Consultants (ASCs), will train Best Buy employees in using and selling Mac computers and assist them in selling the systems to customers, but all sales will officially be logged by Best Buy, sources told Think Secret.

Best Buy PR director Lisa Hawks declined to comment to Think Secret regarding details of the company's agreement with Apple. The retailer's announcement last week stated only that Macs would be sold by Best Buy employees that have undergone training by Apple.

Beginning this past May, Best Buy tried its hand at selling Macs once more in a handful of southern California locations. The experiment is said to have been met with a much warmer response this time around and should be expanded to a number of Best Buy locations this fall.

News source: Think Secret

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I have a friend that works at best buy... and her job is to sell epson printers. She got trained by epson people to sell epson printers... and she trains other associates about epson printers aswell. Sounds pretty similar to what apple is doing.

This plan for the Apple reps sounds a lot like the old cell phone reps from the company (whose name I can't remember) Best Buy used to contract out. Unfortunately, though, this tends to cause issues. While these people may know a lot about Apple computers, they are going to be biased towards them regardless of a customer's needs.