Apple's iWatch may not ship until 2015

The rumors have been around for months: Apple is building an iWatch and it will arrive sometime this year. While we heard earlier this week that it would arrive in September, that may only be the announcement, according to a new report.

Re/Code, who posted the prior information about the watch arriving in September, is saying that you wont be able to buy a watch until 2015. Apple is likely taking this approach to keep the leaks from spoiling their fun and the only way to do that is by not starting to produce the devices.

As we have seen with the iPhone 6, once Apple starts building the product, the leaks from China start pouring out. So, to make sure that this device remains out of the public eye until they are ready to announce it, Apple cannot start producing the watch until after it is announced; this is why it won't ship until 2015.

This is not the first time Apple has done this. When the first iPhone was announced, it did not launch for six months for the exact same reasons.

The iWatch has been mostly a mystery so far and while Apple is famed for not being the first to market with their devices, they do generally work quite well for their intended use. It's safe to say that they never rush any products out of the door to simply have a device to compete and the iWatch is no different.

Apple is hosting an event on September 9th where the iPhone 6 and iWatch are expected to be announced.

Source: Re/Code

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Buttus said,
it may not ship until 2016. you heard it here first!

I heard (in my own mind) that it might not ship until 2017!

"Apple cannot start producing the watch until after it is announced; this is why it won't ship until 2015."

So Apple is delaying the production because they aren't announced it.

Question :isn't easy to early the announcement rather to stop the production?.

neufuse said,
explains why we haven't heard anything about the iHoverBoard or the iTimeMachine yet...

People will need to wait until they are announced :D

I am going to say they don't say anything about it. Every year around the same time as the iPhone places say "oh the iWatch! the iWatch!!!! Soon!!!" And guess what? It doesn't come. "next year". I think this has been rumored for years, right? like atleast since 2010? maybe 2011?

Turning into Microsoft in being late to the game - getting seriously bored of the iWatch stories... but still read them :p

How are they late to the game when the game hasn't even started? Are you talking about atrocious watches that are currently on the market? It's not even pre-season dude, teams are still being formed. Game time ain't here yet!

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